What is the Best Way to Lose Weight after Giving Birth?

What Is the Best Way to Lose Weight after Giving Birth?

Pregnancy leads to weight gain in all women and you need to love your body for the efforts it has taken. Some gain more and some less. I gained around 12 kg and I loved it because I was on the thinner side before pregnancy. But this 12 kg I lost in around 2 months.

Here Are a Few Steps Worth Following

  1. Don’t avoid exercise for the first 40 days: It’s okay to take rest for the first few days but not complete bed rest. You need to do your daily activities. This will keep you active, happy and energetic. Too much of rest will keep your mood down.
  2. Don’t have too much of ghee and a heavy diet: Breastfeeding moms just need 300-500 calories extra then what they had before. So avoid having excess food.
  3. Have a healthy diet: Say yes to fruits, veggies, eggs, milk and nuts. This improves the milk supply and doesn’t lead to excess weight gain. Say no to soft drinks and junkies.
  4. Moderate exercise is a must: Start moderate exercise after 3 months like push-ups, knee press, walking and yoga.
  5. Drink cumin water with lemon and honey: Prepare this mix by adding 2 glasses of water to 2 spoons of cumin. Keep boiling the water till it’s reduced to one cup of water. Strain this mix and add lemon and honey to it. Have it early morning as this is proven to reduce belly fat. However, I would advice you to start this 6 months post delivery. 
  6. Join fitness class if you’re into fitness: It’s okay to join these classes as they will keep you active and help in making friends and connect with the outside world. However, talk to your gynaecologist before joining the same
Tip: To boost breast milk supply, eat fenugreek seeds, makhana, spinach, soji. Drink around a litre of milk everyday.
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