'Ghar Ke Nuske' for Dealing With Cough and Cold Among Kids

‘Ghar Ke Nuske’ for Dealing With Cough and Cold Among Kids

This is one of the most common problems of every kid that all the moms have to deal with. Especially during winters kids frequently have a fever and cough n cold, so here are some ‘Ghar Ke Nuske’ which we can do to cure it.  That doesn’t mean you don’t go to doctor and get them medicine. Always consult your doctor, but you can follow this side by side. Here I have divided into two age groups, babies who are less than six months and above six months(even adults can do this)

For Babies Less Than Six Months

  • After feeding hold them up straight till they burp or at least for 15 minutes. This will help them to digest the food.
  • Use nasal drops
  • Keep them covered as much as possible
  • Massage them with either mustard oil(only during winters as mustard oil is hot) or put ajwain in Figaro olive oil and heat it. This keeps their body warm.
  • Roast some ajwain on a pan and put them in a handkerchief and secure with a knot gently rub it on the chest. It should not be too hot. Keep that Potli near their nose throughout the day…
  • Same can be done with betel leaves. Heat them on a pan till warm not too hot and keep them on chest and back overnight.
  • Apply Vick’s baby rub on their feet, chest,  back, behind ears and clothe them. Apply some on the cloth after swaddling them. Do this especially after a shower.
  • Keep their room warm during winters.
  • This one is entirely optional: my grandma puts 1 to 2 tablespoon of light tea during winters.

For Babies More Than Six Months The Above Things Can Be Done Too Plus There Are Other Ways

  • One tablespoon of Honey and ginger juice or turmeric for a cough.
  • The only way babies and toddlers can get rid of a cough is through motion so give them food which increases motion like items of gram flour,  Mung ka Pani (water left after cooking mung).
  • Also, ghee is added to milk for clear motion.
  • Sew garlic in a thread and tie on them as a chain. Leave this overnight.  Garlic is considered hot.
  • Give them steam of water and Vick’s or water,  Shaun and tea.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric in their milk — not much as it may further cause infection or rough throat.
  • Try to avoid bottle feeding.
  • Make them hot soups and light food which can easily be digested.
Last but not least you can make a concoction of your own and give it to your baby. We call it Kadha or Chata.  Here’s the recipe:

Put Two Glasses Of Water In a Pan and Add

  • Tulsi leaves and Dal(the uppermost black part of the plant)
  • 1 tea spoon Ajwain
  • 2 to 3 Clove (Laung)
  • 3 to 4 black peppercorn (Kali Miri)
  • Some crystal sugar (Sakar)
Boil this till half glass and sieve and drink warm.
If there are any other ways, please comment.
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