Moving Ahead in the Milestones of Parenting: Toddler Walking Tips and Tricks

It was around March when my baby had completed 11 months and she had started walking without any support. Pregnancy was already a roller coaster and the ride just got faster now from the time she started walking. She has completely forgotten what sitting down is. She is always walking from the time she gets up to the time she goes back to sleep. Well, this can be a great advantage for your postpartum weight loss but with the happiness of the baby starting to become independent, comes a great u-turn in responsibility and self-awareness. 5 minutes of silence can be the start of a huge thunder somewhere in some room or the washroom or also in the balcony.

Every mother waits for the day her baby will start walking. That’s the milestone that we were waiting for the longest and I am very happy to say that she topped it with ease! It has been 4 months that I have kept running behind her, and we have even tried dancing. All these memories that we are creating together are like the cherry on top. Every aspect of pregnancy has turned out to make me stronger, smarter and more independent.
Important points:
1. A baby can start walking from 10 months to 14 months. It is completely dependant on the individual.
2. The baby may not perfectly walk in the starting, he/she may fall, get hurt and even cry. But there’s no need to worry, it just makes them stronger.
3. It may be difficult for them to suddenly walk in different shoes, so it’s better to introduce them slowly.
4. Regular walking may hurt their legs and they may crib during nights but a good massage will give relief.
5. Some babies may experience rashes and skin cracking on their feet. Applying baby petroleum jelly is the best solution.

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