How to Smoothly Balance the Roles of a Wife and a Mom

How to Smoothly Balance the Roles of a Wife and a Mom

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Motherhood gives a new dimension and perspective to life. It is a beautiful extension to the role of a wife. Balancing yourself between the roles of a loving wife and a responsible mom is challenging, but worthwhile!

Remember, mothers – when you are happy, only then can you make your hubby and baby happy!

The following ways can help you balance the two roles smoothly:

1. Time Management
Planning your days, weeks, and months in advance can provide you with enough time to enjoy with both hubby and baby. Following a routine with discipline is the key in managing time efficiently.

2. Division of Work
‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is an important saying. Do not take the full load of household chores on your shoulders alone. Delegate and divide the house work with your hubby after careful planning and discussion.

3. Quick Meals
All the cooking, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, has to be done more quickly to save time and timely attend to your baby’s demands of feeding, massage, cuddling, sleeping, and playing. On days when the baby can be looked after by others, then prepare the dishes that your hubby relishes.

4. Couple Time

When the baby is sleeping or playing, then you can engage in ‘we time’ with your hubby, where both of you can have heart to heart discussions, improve your bonding, or simply relax together and have quality time with each other.

5. Me Time
This is the key to staying focused and content. Whenever possible, do spend some alone time to rejuvenate, focus on all that is happening, pamper yourself, read, or just catch up on your precious sleep. When you are relaxed, then you will be more productive and energetic.

6. Sharing
Always share your emotions, feelings and thoughts with your hubby, and encourage him to do the same. It’s quite important for both of you to be on the same page on all essential matters. Seek his guidance on issues where you think you need improvement.

7. Deadlines
Maximum work is completed when you have a time limit attached to it. Never crumble under pressure, but learn to complete the tasks within a reasonable time frame. Meeting the deadlines will enable you to feel more confident.

8. Work Together
Involve your hubby in baby activities like diaper changing, bathing, choosing what to wear, and burping. It will bring both of you closer. Whenever you both have different points of view regarding a matter, then discuss it. Also, never play the blame game if anything goes wrong, but show accountability for your actions.

Your love for your new bundle of joy is increasing with each passing day. Ensure to express your love for your hubby from time to time to keep the fire of love alive!

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