Multitasking Mommy - How to Strike a Balance Between Being a Mommy and a Wife

Multitasking Mommy – How to Strike a Balance Between Being a Mommy and a Wife

Motherhood is a different experience for everyone; it’s a glorious life force. It’s really important to strike a balance between being a mommy and a wife at the same time. Sometimes we simply focus on our kid and forget our husband. After becoming a mother, my first agenda was to maintain a schedule so I can enjoy some time with my husband as well and I never diverted from the schedule. I organise some of the activities on a daily basis where my husband, my kid and I get involved in activities like playing, crafting, colouring, and cooking. My son is three years old now and I always take his help in the kitchen so that he will learn things right from his childhood. Having a kid is the biggest responsibility of rearing a good, ethical, kind, responsible human being; this is the most important job anyone can embark on.

We always help each other, like we help our child to learn new things. We also teach him to do household chores in a fun way. I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers.

‘Me’ time is also very important in one’s growth, and so we try to give some ‘me’ time to each other. It’s even important for a kid, as it enhances the child’s imagination and creativity and keeps everyone positive. My husband and I avoid fighting in front of our kid, and we often discuss our grievances when our son is not around. In case of any fault, we always apologise to each other, so that our kid also learns these things.

I make time for myself too. At least once in a month, I make plans to go out and leave my baby with my husband, which gives them quality time to spend with each other; at the same time, it gives me a holiday from mommy and wife duties.

So, practise these things, and it will create an awesome bond!

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