Tips for Conscious Parenting

The secret of blissful parents!!

It’s for them who really think children are a blessing of the almighty, give them a blissful life and make them better human beings. The theory is scientifically proven, too.

Before it is too late, let’s know and educate ourselves. These proverbs “As you sow, so you will reap.” and “Karma never forgets the address.” are completely applicable in the journey of parenting. Therefore, let’s know what kind of parents we are!

As parents, we must know what our expectations are from our children. Then, we must analyse ourselves according to those expectations. Here are some types of parents to help you know what your present parenting style is.

Types of Parents

Parenting styles are many, sometimes we are the collaboration of all kinds, but let’s recognise ourselves and validate us with this knowledge.

1. Disciplinarian – Emphasises on obedience and focuses on academic achievements only.

2. Permissive – They are non-restrictive and don’t want to upset their child; therefore, they end up pampering him/her too much. For example, feeding, helping in dressing, bathing, napping, etc. when the child is old enough to manage it.

3. Uninvolved – Physically present but emotionally absent. This is a common trend in working parents, and the child spends more time with toys, pets and babysitters.

4. Authoritative – These parents live structured and regulated lives. The most successful and happiest children are the ones raised by authoritative parents.

A few parents practice for better cognitive skills also, which is very much important nowadays. It will help to prevent –

  • Future health problem.
  • Future emotional disturbances, stress, and anger issues.
  • Self-doubt, insecurity, and loneliness.

What should we do, even if we are not perfect?

  • No toxic comments, even to or about friends, relatives, etc.
  • Appreciate everyone for even the smallest of good deeds.
  • No harsh, no rude words to anyone, especially in front of children.
  • Take small challenges, try a new craft, go swimming, veggie day, etc.

Let’s start working on it before it is too late.

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