Hello everyone
I am going to share my story of how being pregnant gave me butterflies in my stomach.
In a very short way.

We planned for a baby as soon we were ready.
It took me 3 months to get pregnant.
It was really scary and depressing and exciting
Ummmm, I skipped my date on April 17th when I got to know I was pregnant.

I had to surprise Eshant.
So in a small cute box, I placed tiny booties and a small card.
On that, I drew a tiny dot and then I captioned it “I am this small dad”

He went mad and fell in love with me all over again.
We felt more love.
We felt more happiness.
We felt more bonded to each other.

We knew now we are going to have our own family.
We knew in our world of two we are going to include one more being.
There’s no Greater happiness beyond this news.

I read maximum books.
I applied every tiny of thing taught in the parenting sessions.
I did every positive thing ever.
I ate healthy as much I could, I balanced my junk food always.
I and Eshant had just one thing to focus on.
And we wanted to give our baby the best we could.
We had just one thing in mind.
Any negativity towards our baby would be our fault

Then as the 9 beautifully precious months passed by,
I got to learn new things,
I felt new every day, even though it was nausea or swollen feet,
It was a different experience.
Even the pain and irritation turned into love when my baby just kicked.

A pregnant woman

I was a little fussy during my third trimester.
My bump was huge and my baby didn’t drop so it was up at my waist level. I couldn’t sleep so I did face a little problem there.
Otherwise, I was super active.
I climbed 3 floors every day.
I did my walking and yoga.
Also, I helped my mum whenever she requested

And then the day came, the doctor said we needed to have a C-section because the baby hadn’t dropped and the head diameter was big for a normal delivery.

It scared me out.
I wasn’t ready, I wanted a normal one and I tried my 100% for the normal delivery.
But you know, doctors are always right and we should not take risks in such cases.

So now to decide.
When do I deliver?
Which date to pick?
Should I listen to the doctor?
Should I wait for my labour?

Oh my god.
It took me 4 days to decide and I don’t remember sleeping peacefully those nights.
Then with the mutual decision of all, I chose the 12th of January, a Friday.

So by the 11th of January,
My in-laws and my husband came down to Bangalore from Ahmedabad.

I got admitted that night.
I and Eshant watched the movie KHOOBSURAT that whole night.. because I was going to deliver at 7 am in the morning and obviously, I wouldn’t get sleep because I was going to have an operation.

And the next morning, everyone from my family was ready for me to deliver.
I wasn’t ready till the end.
Luckily they allowed Eshant to stay in the OT and I had his support.
And after the fierce operation, the doctor announced “Zheel, you’ve got a son”
And I was relieved to feel my baby.
Everything of this phase came to an end,
Starting with a new phase of MOTHERHOOD

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