Indian Mom's Empty Nest - Bringing Up My Baby Each Day!

Indian Mom’s Empty Nest – Bringing Up My Baby Each Day!

With a busy schedule and daily routine, we sometimes miss out on the most elaborate happenings around us every day.  One of them being, our little ones growing up. Somewhere in our minds change is never a constant, especially when it comes to our children. We keep nudging reality and believe change will happen, but eventually.  But with each new experience with my toddler I am learning I am so wrong.

A small teaser of my son growing  up equipped with individual thoughts and feelings was thrown at me while I was sneaking out to work this morning.  Amidst my daily attempt of slipping out to work, while my little one is diverted by my mom or dad, I heard my little one scream out a ‘Bye Mumma.’ It was a simple and subtle stop to all my morning drama. It was like him telling me, “Oh come on ma! I will see you in the evening, now stop all the drama please.”

I remember standing there in the moment both shocked and surprised as to how so often we underestimate the smartness of our little ones. How we just ignore the fact that they might be growing up to be wiser every new day. All the way to my work the one thought I could not omit from my mind was the clarity with which my little one had accepted the fact that his mom had to leave for work with no excuses attached.  Trust a mother’s heart that though at one point is proud that her child is getting smarter on the other side sulks thinking he may not need her as much anymore.

We often read about the ‘Empty nest’ syndrome hitting moms as their kids go to college or join work in another city. But I would like to differ. I think for a mother the nest gets emptied at a certain level with every little milestone of her child. I am all for instilling independence in children from a small age, but there are no two ways to a mother’ heart and an Indian mother’s heart at that.

Right from the time her little one leaves the crib, or shifts to another bed and room, the first time she drops him at pre-school, his first trip, excursion, night stay away from her, the idea of her child needing her a little less than before is slightly traumatic. As a mother, I think I now know the reason behind my mother’s abrupt calls during my college years, shopping sprees and even birthdays where she had to be the first one to wish me.What annoyed me a little back then makes so much more sense today. So here’s to all mothers who are bringing up their babies, hug them a little extra, tell them an extra story, spend a few more minutes with them in the park or get them to talk a little more about their day. Because no matter how much time you are spending with them each day, time with them is running out. And it might just soon be time for the nest to be empty.

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