Building Love With Positive Talks; Making Great Relationships!

Building Love With Positive Talks; Making Great Relationships!

It’s been five years since we moved into this apartment building. We, rather I moved out of my old house with a heavy heart, gripped with concern about my daughter. She would surely miss her playmates, evening walks, and strolls in the quiet streets, I felt. We did take time to settle, and now, this is my home, my sweet home! A perfect family colony and tailor-made for a growing child. She savours every second.

The mom’s group is huge. We party, be together, stick to one another, loiter, walk, jog, share food, happiness, love each other, and also shed tears together. My second family was there in my worst phase of life. When I was in rags, my heart was broken into pieces, my hopes in the dust, when I couldn’t think straight, when fear crushed me as I looked ahead of what the next phase held, they were my pillars of strength and support. They still are.

In my happiness, on the other hand, when I was drunk in delight, it was my extended family that made me enjoy the pleasures of life the way they should be. It used to be a loving group, until recently.

Of late, there is more and more defiance, ego clashes, disagreements, taunts, dislikes, comparisons, and misunderstandings. Over the years, we have seen many issues raised among the spouses and children, yet we continued to remain bonded, supported, loved, and have been there for each other in times of need. No matter what may come, we wowed to remain calm and firm about our affinity.

As the saying goes, “The most difficult thing in life is to maintain a relationship.”.

Changing times, the fast track world, competitive environment, rat race, growing children, somehow, somewhere, has left a deep crack that is slowly widening and waiting to rip the relationship apart. Disappointment loomed when the people who loved each other, started hating each other. It was disgusting to see dislikes in the gardens, where once the fragrance of love permeated.

Then, every effort to mend, fix the crack, refresh, and renew the relationship commenced.

One fine morning, as always, there were the usual posts and chats. A casual mention to fixed to record the positive qualities of each and everybody. We agreed to do this for a person a day. The conversation gained momentum, opinions, and views crowded the inbox.  We started that very day, in the alphabetical order.

Mine was the first; I was made the scapegoat. However, I felt good, and I enjoyed it.

Everyone readily reported, recorded the good qualities of the “Diva of the day”, the happy moments together, a short narration of the first meeting, a few memories, etc.

With spirits high, we felt good, appreciated, loved and respected. Since then, to date, the object of appreciation was made to understand what others feel about them.

The cycle is not over yet. But there is already positivity in the air, love in the hearts, affection in the eyes, and the cherry on the cake is – life in the friendship!

Can a few words of positivity bring in such a dramatic change in a falling and failing love? Yes, they can. The positive quotient strikes the skies with such moves. It works.

Clean, refreshed minds, reconciled, and united hearts seem to be the order of the day. Love, laughter, tears of joy, and smiles of delight are finally a feast for the eyes.

Wherever or whenever there are broken hearts to be fixed, cracked relationship to be mended, and lost love to be restored, both sides can make an attempt to come closer, to deflect the disappointments, to forget, forgive and forgo the past. Such initiatives improve the relationship and bring in a congenial atmosphere to grow and thrive.

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