How I Dealt With Hair Fall Problem After My Delivery

How I Dealt With Hair Fall Problem After My Delivery

Hairfall or hair loss is the worst nightmare for any lady, but it happens, and it happens even more after delivery. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes, which remain the same after a few months of the childbirth.

And hair loss is one of the most significant issues after delivery. It is essential to know the reason behind this. During the first few months of breastfeeding, as a high level of oestrogen hormone decrease after the delivery, a lot of new mothers face temporary hair loss.

I faced the hair fall problem even after 3 months of delivery. But the worst part is that there’s no special treatment for it. The hair fall problem subsides within 2-3 months. I was very stressed to see my hair lying around the house. Then I checked with an expert on the Firstcry app, and she told me what I could do to control hair fall.

Here’s what I followed –

1. I changed my shampoo to a mild one.
2. I started oiling my hair twice a week for overnight. I avoided head massages completely. I applied the oil gently and rub it with my fingers.
3. I didn’t opt for any chemical treatment.
4. I stopped heating my hair.
5. I tried the onion mask range.
6. I got a haircut – I cut my hair short, which made my hair look healthy.
7. I followed a proper diet.
8. I took supplements and multivitamins. While no specific vitamins have been shown to combat the hair fall problem, but they helped improve my overall health.
9. I avoided taking stress.
10. I took 7 hours of sleep.

This is what I did to manage the hair fall problem post-delivery. I hope this guide will help you as well. Do not worry about hair fall as the problem should subside in 2 or 4 months. Your hair will return to normal growth cycle by 6 to 10 months postpartum. Until then take care of your scalp and your hair. Worry less, don’t stress, and eat and sleep properly!

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