Motherhood - Heaven in Hell

Motherhood – Heaven in Hell

Motherhood – What’s so special about it? At some point, I even thought that talking about the greatness of motherhood as a cliché. We never understand it completely until we experience it. I have to admit it that now I totally understand that. Uuffff!!! What a tiresome job! I am a mother to a 2-month-old baby girl, and while I agree that these two months are not enough to know everything about motherhood, I can say that I got the taste of it.

From the first day of pregnancy, it is just one rollercoaster ride, to tell frankly. Of course, motherhood is great! It is full of sacrifices, selfless devotion, etc. etc., but it is not that easy. Seriously girls, especially the moms-to-be, not that easy at all. Talking about physical pain; we experience it during menstruation, but this pain is much much much more than periods! No single soul can think of the emotional pain, too, which we experience during pregnancy and postpartum. It’ll just make you go crazy!

Postpartum is the worst part. Postpartum blues are really scary. And, the breastfeeding – you have to hold this little human the whole day and feed it. Literally, you’ll just feel like a mere feeding bottle. I had no idea such things occur to most women out there. This is why motherhood is really great.

Oh! Forgot about another worst part of motherhood – The sleepless nights! It may seem like no big deal when someone says they have had sleepless nights, but you know it only when you experience it. You will literally lose your mind when you lose your sleep. It doesn’t go on for a few days, or months; it goes on for a year and even more.

Mommies-to-be, don’t be scared after reading the blog. It’s all worth it in the end. After all the postpartum depression, you’ll start loving that little munchkin more than anything. You can sacrifice anything and everything for your beautiful bundle of joy. Now, coming back to the point. That’s why mothers are living Goddesses! So, chin up, ladies!

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