Becoming Parents - One of the Greatest Happiness in Humans

Becoming Parents – One of the Greatest Happiness in Humans

My story belongs to a family which roots in a rural setting. It begins with a (not so happy) start as we were predicted to be a couple who may face issues in becoming parents based on our Horoscope match. I won’t say that I don’t believe in astrology, but I’m also a strong believer in God and his blessings.

My wife and I strongly believe in God, and with the same belief, we made our parents agree for our marriage and got married in March 2018. God supported us in every possible aspect, and we enjoyed our time with each other for the next two years. My wife had irregular menstruation; hence, I was aware that she might face issues in bearing a child, so we thought to go for a doctor’s consultation. On the first visit, they asked for the sonography and a few more reports. The technician at the sonography center predicted as a case of PCOD (which was obviously not a good sign for both of us) so I thought to go to a specialist to recheck the condition. Luckily with the help of one of my colleagues, we landed at a hospital that prescribed various blood tests and other examinations. With the test results, we came to know that she suffered from hormonal imbalance.

Aware of the condition, it was then time to find a good doctor. Our belief in God helped us find a good doctor in Ahmedabad. With medication, my wife’s condition improved, and her menses became regular. We then attempted conceiving after learning that it may take time to bear a child with the prevalent condition. We were elated when our pregnancy home test result was positive with a light pink line; it was a piece of great news for both of us. As our doctor prescribed, we increased the medicine dose and ensured regular check-ups. The doctor acknowledged the pregnancy and suggested we meet a gynecologist. With the doctor’s confirmation, we were both excited and happy. We informed our parents, then we visited a gynecologist in our city. She took blood reports and did sonography. The results were concerning, so she prescribed a few medicines, injections, and bed rest for 15 days.

We followed the guidelines and took care of everything, but deep inside, we were were scared and apprehensive about the next nine months. In the next two sonographies, the progress wasn’t proper, so the doctor prescribed more tablets, injections, and rest. With all the fear and apprehension, the days felt long and the nights longer. In January 2020, around two and a half months passed, but the condition did not improve. We both were under mental pressure, not able to focus on anything. One day she felt little spotting, so we quickly contacted a local gynecologist and got checked—the sonography report brought along bad news of a miscarriage. The news shook our world like never before. The doctor informed that the growth of the fetus wasn’t good, and thus it wasn’t meant to stay long. The situation was mentally unacceptable, but we accepted it as God’s will.

After that incident, we met a new gynecologist in our family contact. She motivated my wife and explained the reason and suggested we not worry. She prescribed a new set of medicines for future reference—we followed everything diligently. Then the corona Pandemic happened in March 2020; with this, I switched my job and shifted to a new city near my hometown.

The family doctor suggested we ensure a gap of 5 months before planning to conceive again. After 5 months, in July, she missed her periods; we didn’t take it seriously and thought of it as a delayed one. Next month, the same happened, so we thought to go for a home test, and it was positive with two dark pink lines. The moment was a mix of both the emotions – happiness and anxiety (because of the past experience). Still, we took it lightly and kept ourselves engaged in daily routine with a healthy diet, regular exercise, walking, and yoga. In the third month, we went to one of the best gynecologists in our city after getting a recommendation from our friends and family.

We informed the doctor everything about the last mishap. The doctor guided and instructed us to follow a few guidelines carefully (a doctor’s pleasant personality and proper guidance are enough to make a patient cheerful). Days and months passed; we enjoyed small picnics, outings, and adventures together. Everything went smoothly until the last month when, unfortunately, my wife got infected with COVID. That was the most frightening phase of our life. Our new one took birth in Corona Ward. Everything was normal by God’s grace, and now both my wife and son are doing good. Holding the newborn in our arms was the happiest and most blissful moment for both of us.

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