Taking Care of a Baby Is a Challenging Task, It's Complicated but Interesting

Taking Care of a Baby Is a Challenging Task, It’s Complicated but Interesting

He is my first baby, so it seems very challenging to me. He is very sharp and naughty which is totally unexpected at this age as he is 6 months old now. All I can say it’s a nice experience As time goes on his habits are changing. He is becoming more naughty. He starts playing when ever he wants, what ever the time it may be. If I scold him, he laughs. He plays at night hours. When I have work, he wakes up as early as possible. Its winter time but he doesn’t want to wear a cap and warm clothes?.  As he is 6months old now, it’s a starting point for solid food, but he does not eat that food easily and cries a lot and plays pranks and sometimes blows all the food on my face?.  He wants a new toy after every 10mins. After every 10mins he throws the toy even if it is very new for him. And even when daipering he won’t get clam either he will turn or start playing and cycling with his legs.  He gets bored with in a little span of time. He wants someone to carry him and show new place and new things.  He gets cold very quickly, and I need to take care of him very much.  I don’t know why babies get very attached with their fathers as the entire day they are with mothers, and we are the ones who fulfil their basic needs like loving, caring, feeding, and moms do the playing and at last in the evening when the father comes back they change parties?.  However, the baby is the love of a mother and for her baby is endless. That’s called mother’s love and I love my son so much??.  I can say that nothing is easy neither giving birth nor baby caring. Giving birth to a baby itself is a very big blessing from God as everyone won’t get such opportunities. Its a suggestion from my side to every mom, please take of your babies as a blessing, not a burden.

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