The New Generation Parents and Their New Generation Kids

The New Generation Parents and Their New Generation Kids

We, the parents of this current generation are the most intelligent and complicated. We are the busiest and unluckiest of all.

Now you must be thinking why I said ‘unlucky’?

We are intelligent because we are born in the age of computers, laptops, and mobile – so we can see what our kids do on these gadgets, unlike our parents who don’t know much about computers when kids lie to them that they are studying.

We are complicated and busy because we want our kids to be smarter than us without our help as we are busy with our work and at the same time we expect them to love and respect us, though we don’t have time for them.

We are the unluckiest because we listened to our parents and now we have to listen to our kids too.

It is high time that we focus on our children’s mentality, attitude, and behaviour. Now, most of the families have 1 child or maximum 2; and kids get whatever they demand, as financially everyone is stable. So kids don’t realise the value of money and become arrogant when we refuse to buy them something.

The tip to change their behaviour is to let them realise the value of money – educating them right from the beginning. We must let make them understand how lucky they are that they are getting a new toy almost every month, and many poor kids don’t even have 1. Tell them it’s not easy to earn money. Discuss your work pressure with them in a friendly way and let them know how costly their school fees is. When a child will understand all these values and ethics he will surely become a good citizen and respect all.

It is very important to know about the kind of games, the environment, and friends our kids choose. We must keep an eye on what they do, even on their minute activities.

Be like a friend rather than a parent to them. Study with them so that they will cultivate the same habit as yours. Listen patiently to whatever they say so that they will listen to you when you instruct them something.

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