A Mother's Effort and Struggle Makes Everything Possible!

A Mother’s Effort and Struggle Makes Everything Possible!

“Strength and growth only comes through continuous effort and struggle!” Someone has said this and it is so apt to my situation where I was worried about my new born baby’s health due to LBW (Low birth weight). I was extremely worried to the extent that I could not even feel comfortable sharing my babies picture with friends.
It happened due to a condition in which the blood flow to the uterus is hampered due to inadequate pressure in the lateral artery. Well there was nothing much that could have been done apart from adding a few extra medicines to observe the changes.
Certainly friends and family played a key role in calming me but the inner struggle and worry of a soon to be mother is beyond explanation. Nevertheless, things were very clear when my son arrived through  C-section. Certainly, there were strings of thoughts and clouds of concern hovering my mind. To top it, the pain of a C section delivery was making the situation even worse. While this could be a situation of many mothers who experience similar situation, I would rather like to bring your attention that with continuous effort and care anyone can change the situation.Here are the few simple things I did which helped in rapid improvement of my baby’s heath in the initial crucial months:

 1.  As the baby was small, he did not latch initially. At moments, I felt like introducing formula to him but I rather did not give up as breast milk is the best we can give to the baby to help them grow. Finally, after 3 initial weeks of failure, the miracle happened and that moment on he is on exclusive breast feed.
2.  Waking up the baby every 2-3 hours for feed, even at nights!
3. Taking extra care of hygiene, offering sanitizer to friends, relatives who came to visit
This sounds so simple but I am sure you would agree that this is not so easy in an Indian set up.
 4. Baby massage – The traditional way of massaging the baby is extremely helpful in strengthening the baby muscles and helping him improve his motor skills
 5. ‘LOVE and Extra hugs’ – No words
With all these simple steps, soon my son came within the range of healthy weight and has shown awesome improvement. Many of you might have gone through something similar or are currently in this situation.  All that I would like to share by penning this down is that nothing is impossible if you are ready to put efforts and ready to go through the struggle as the fruit you will reap at the end will make you forget all the pain. 
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