Apples and The Magician: Short and Fun Story for Kids

This story is about a tree. A very big tree, very huge, so many branches and all over the tree were apples.
When the wind blows form the east, all its apples starts shaking, but tree did not allow the furious wind to take not even a single apple. Many a times, wind tried to take the apple blowing from the east and from the west but failed to get even a single apple.
So the wind started crying and told all this to his dear friend rain. Now when the rain heard the story, he thought to try to help his dear friend wind and make apple fall out of that tree. And thus, there were hailstorm and it was rain-rain everywhere. Leaves started to fall. Birds and children got scared and hide themselves in their home but tree used more of his strength to hold the apples. The rain got tired from burning up all his strength but not a single apple came out of the tree.
Both rain and wind, sad with failure decided to go and look for magician in the town and search if they can find someone who can help them getting apples from the tree. The wind went to the east and the rain went to the west. They looked in every town and every country and days went by.
1600 years passed by… and no magician was able to help them. They lost all hopes but one fine day, they found an old man with curly white hair..
Wind asked him for help..
Rain asked him for help..
And they told him about their failures. The old man after five days of talk agreed to visit the tree. For ten days, he came and just looked at the tree but no apple came down. It made wind and rain sad again and they started to lose all hopes. But, on the eleventh day, the old man sat with his eyes closed and used his last magic spell. He chanted the spell.. Gravity!! Gravity!! Gravity!!
As the words went out of his mouth, an apple stuck on his head and his eye got open. Finally, the wind and rain were cheerful and happy to get the apple. They said thanks to the old magician and this great magician was named Newton!!! Because by his new magic he did what tons of the strength of wind and rain was not able to do.
From then on, he was called Newton and his great magic spell- Gravity!! Gravity!! Gravity!!


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