How to Cope with Sleeplessness as a Young Mom

As a new and young mom, I, too, faced the issue of sleeplessness. A new mom hardly knows anything about how to cope up with such issues. It’s only with time that one learns about various things by gaining experience during the journey of motherhood. Following are some of the things I did to cope up with my sleeplessness when I became a new mom:

Engage in physical activities. Obviously, just after your delivery, you can’t engage in any hard activity. I had a C-section, so I had to be a little more conscious. After a few days of my delivery, I started walking. I spared around fifteen minutes, both in the morning and evening, for a walk. This helped me a lot in having sound sleep at night. Moreover, it provided me with much-needed physical fitness. It also helped me to cope with unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Meditation and yoga. This was of immense help to me. Meditating early in the morning and before going to bed helped me a lot. It helped to keep my mind and soul in proper sync. I could focus better on myself and my baby. This not only helped me in avoiding sleepless nights, but also helped me in having a balanced and relaxed state of mind.

Sleeping when the baby slept. This is the most necessary thing every mother should opt for. It not only helps you to have more sound sleep, but also helps you build your stamina to deal with your baby when he is awake. Sleeping when my baby slept helped me regain my stamina. It also helped me do my other chores in a far better way, because I woke up feeling fresh and more relaxed.

Apart from this, every new mom needs to frame her own routine with the baby. This is necessary for taking better care of your young one, and yourself, too!

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