World Breastfeeding Week: My Experience With Breastfeeding

World Breastfeeding Week: My Experience With Breastfeeding

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Hello, mommies out there!

I just want to share my experience with breastfeeding. Not to criticise any mom who are bottle feeding.

This amazing journey started two years ago. Being a first-time mom with many questions running in my mind some of which was whether I’m ready to take this new role? What if my supply is poor? What if my baby is not able to latch?
With many such questions finally, the day had arrived which was the best moment of my life. Feelings which I cannot express through words when I held my newborn and he just tried his best to feed. Thereafter, he couldn’t latch properly. So he dropped more weight than expected.
From then onwards, I started to take a balanced diet with lots of water and food which would help in increasing my milk supply.
I tried to help my son to learn how to feed by trying different breastfeeding positions, and above all the key to successful breastfeeding is demand and supply formula.
Sometimes they feed every two hours, sometimes hourly, sometimes they just do comfort feeding. Eventually, I tried to understand my son’s language, his hunger cues, and requirements. Many people advised to let the baby learn to separate nursing and sleep but they were nights when it was nearly impossible to do that. So what I learnt is to let it go. They’ll learn at their own pace.
I always tried to be calm because stress further hampered my milk supply. So don’t compare what other mothers are doing. Every mother and child are different and unique. There are no hard and fast rules in breastfeeding. So enjoy the journey with time. Today it may be easy, tomorrow it may be very hard, but everything is a phase and this shall too pass.
Every mother goes through this tough yet beautiful phase. She may go through a lot. Some of them like engorged breasts, blocked ducts, sore nipples for which the solution is to frequently feed with proper latching.
My all-time favourite phrase is breastfeeding on demand With time, my son and I have mastered this phase together and created a special bond between us. Now I’m blessed with a second son and still continuing my breastfeeding journey.
Happy breastfeeding week to all mothers! Cherish and relish these moments with your babies. In the blink of an eye, they all will be grown up. Always trust your body and baby. Keep up the positive attitude. If you face any challenges, always seek professional help.

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