Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage

Arrange Marriage Vs Love Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven. This is told by everyone whenever a match gets fixed. I also believe it. Everything happening with us is already destined. We just need to wait for the time and put efforts to get it done. From decades, there is the question of which marriage is better – Arrange or Love. Everyone has their own personal reasons and equations to say which is best.

When two people get married, it’s not just them, but everyone related to them come in the picture. Many new relations are born when a couple gets married. And it’s not just them, but the family also make a marriage successful or unsuccessful. Of course, the main part is played by the couple, but the supporting actors are also equally important in keeping the marriage intact.

In a marriage, the main and the important part is trust and faith between the couple. Money will come and go, the status will rise and drop, conditions will be changing, but trust and faith should not be broken. And that’s the key of successful relations. So, the relation should be strong, and love should prosper, then it doesn’t matter whether the marriage is arranged or love and your marriage will be glowing.

Understand and always give time to each other; you will never be in trouble. Stay happy and always be connected in love with each other. Everyone has their own story to tell, but we should not compare with others and enjoy what we have in our relationship. That’s the beauty of every relation. Life is short. Giving time and talking with your loved one will not only make your relation strong but also that will make your bond strong for forever.

Mine was a love marriage, and I am happy I took the correct decision and chose my life partner. My family supported me, and we both got married with their blessings. It was so much fun and exciting for us to see our dream come true. Sometimes we too get into a fight, but then after some time, we get together. So life is all about love, caring, and sharing.

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