Things to Do When Your Baby Starts Walking on His Little Toes!

Things to Do When Your Baby Starts Walking on His Little Toes!

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Till the time your baby starts walking, he is already around a year. Babies can start walking anytime from nine months to one and a half years.

You must be enjoying your motherhood but now you have to take extra precautions in your house for your munchkin.

My baby started walking when he was 11 months. This is such an exciting as well as a stressful time for your little one, as he will run everywhere in the house and can hurt himself.

I am sharing with all the mommies here the main things I did when he started walking:

1. Keep all your drawers locked as he can get his little hands stuck there and end up hurting himself.

2. Call a carpenter and get a small door fixed in for your stairs. As he will try to climb the stairs and can slip.

3. Keep your washroom door closed after every use, as he will go inside and play with water or maybe he can throw anything in the toilet.

4. Keep all the taps tightly closed if they are easily reachable by him.

5. Keep an eye out for sharp things or sharp edges.

6. Keep your keys at a safer height, as it can trouble you if your little hurricane will throw them at a place where you won’t be able to find them.

7. Keep your phone safe, as mine has thrown my phone in the water bucket.

8. Last but not least, keep your gate closed all the time. As he will run outside.

These are a few tips, but still, your little munchkin will find something to show you his mischievous side. And will make you laugh at his little cute mischievous things.

Be prepared, as he will throw the utensils, will try to repeat you and all that. But these all will be so much fun to see as your little one is growing!

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