A Letter to My Two Sons Who Complete My Family

A Letter to My Two Sons Who Complete My Family

I am a mother of two children and can’t be biased to write a letter to only one. This letter is about my journey of 18 months with my elder one who is 3 years old now and the younger one who is just 2 months old.

To my first child, when you came in my womb, it was the happiest day of my life and I have been happy since 25th August 2016. Each day of those 9 months was great. I felt you growing, from being a foetus to my baby, getting bigger and stronger with each passing day. And from 58kgs I weighed 84kg. Nothing bothered me, I was active, happy and overwhelmed to welcome you and so were both families. Time flew very soon and you came in my life, my boy. And from the day you came in my womb, I can say you’re the best thing that happened to me. You taught me the real meaning of love, fear, happiness, and gave me a reason for being alive. I love you more then I will ever be able to express.

Now to my dear younger one, I want to tell you that when you came in my womb, I felt complete. Because you completed our family. Our family of four is bounded to each other. Although the nine months of pregnancy a bit difficult and totally different from my first pregnancy, your arrival, my boy made it worth. You are not only mine, but you are a companion to your elder brother too.

I hope you both stand by each other all your life. Being siblings is not just a relationship when you have a sibling, you have a friend, a go-to person in difficult times and for whole life, who is also your strength.

You both are going to spend the most precious times of your childhood together, which will be the most pious phase of your lives. Stay together and stay happy always!

Your Mumma

By writing this letter I want to request those people who want to have only one child to re-think their decision. Nowadays, it’s a trend to have a single child, which is fine. But think who will be the go-to person of your child. Let your child grow up with all that you had while growing up. Let your child experience sibling fights, let him know what it’s like to be possessive and protective. Give your child the joy of sharing smiles, happiness, and even cries with a sibling!

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