My Pregnancy Journey - C-Section Delivery and Breastfeeding

My Pregnancy Journey – C-Section Delivery and Breastfeeding

Today, I want to talk about the achievements of my beautiful journey named “Pregnancy”. As a nutritionist, I had many targets to achieve during my pregnancy. My beautiful journey started exactly a year before. On April 7th, 2019, we came to know that we are expecting a baby. We had mixed feelings. We were very happy and a bit tensed as to how we are going to get through this journey. I was more worried about a healthy pregnancy. When I conceived, I was obese and required to gain only a few kilograms of pregnancy weight. The best part was I achieved this target. I also didn’t want to have gestational diabetes and wanted to maintain a healthy diet. I achieved it all.

Days and months passed, and the due date was near. My family and I were expecting a normal delivery, but the situation wanted otherwise. Yes, we had to go for a c-section delivery. Honestly, the word c-section itself is very scary, but there was no other choice. Now with this, I had another target that was to be achieved, and that was to initiate breastfeeding within one hour of the birth of my child. Global data states that if early initiation is not done, then we are risking the child’s life and the child may get various infections.

I had observed, that after delivery (c-section or normal), children are given formula feed as the mother is unaware or not mentally prepared for breastfeeding. Breast milk is the best milk for the child, and if the child is attached to the mother’s breasts within one hour, they can start sucking and can effectively breastfeed easily as they are most active in that one hour.

I always wanted to achieve this, and I was confident. I consulted my doctor and a family member to attach my child within one hour, and do that every 2 hours because I never wanted to give formula milk to my child. The first 24 hours are most important to start breastfeeding, and with the c-section, we needed support. It was very painful, but I was determined. I was so determined that even a sleeping injection didn’t work, and I breastfed my baby in the night as well; of course, with the support of my family. After 24 hours, when I was allowed to get up and sit, I started breastfeeding my child by myself.

I wanted to share my experience with you all because I want to promote the importance of breastfeeding. I know it from my experience that you just have to be determined. If we are bringing an individual to this world, it is our due responsibility to comfort that individual.

That was my story. Being a nutritionist, I am following the Infant & Young Child Feeding Practice (IYCF). In my next blog, I will talk about it and some more of my experiences.

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