Postpartum Depression: Accepting and Surviving it

Postpartum Depression: Accepting and Surviving it

Motherhood is truly a blessing and we should remember to enjoy this time. Many emotions ebb and flow throughout the journey of motherhood and few stay with us for a lifetime. Nobody invites negative emotions, but honestly speaking, a majority of women feel anxious and doubtful about themselves: whether they could be a good mother or not. Many are worried about their body shape, some about their career and the rest about their ‘in-laws’.

At this point where the new life is in our hands and we have to nurture the baby with our love, our thoughts, and breastfeed him/her obviously, our mindset may take us towards negative emotions.
Firstly, we are not aware of what we are facing. Then we eventually understand that something is not quite right. Still we don’t accept it and don’t even ask for help from others. Frankly speaking, we are doing wrong with ourselves. We are playing victims in this particular situation.

We don’t get proper sleep, we don’t get time for ourselves ( sometimes we are not able to go to the washroom on time ), we sacrifice our career and many more things.

In spite of all these things, we enjoy taking care of our little ones but forget about ourselves at the same time. This slowly takes us to postpartum depression.

If you are feeling this way, then first accept that you are suffering and secondly allow others to help you.
Why does understanding the problem come first? I would like to tell you that if we don’t accept that there is a wound, you cannot heal it. Negative emotions are like wounds in our lives and they require our efforts and positivity.

Secondly, you have to allow others to help in taking care of the newborn, whether it’s your mother in law or your husband. Give yourself some rest for a few minutes several times a day. Take some naps. Take care of yourself, as nobody else is going to do it for you and will not even ask you if you don’t. Hence it’s your responsibility to do so. Get a full body massage and ask for a head massage whenever you need. Drink plenty of liquid as you need them during breastfeeding. Follow a nutritious diet.

I have been in the same place a few months ago and can very well understand that it’s not a good feeling at all. However, acceptance is the first step to recovery.

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