To All the Pregnant Women Out There, Trust Your Body and Do What You Think Is Right!

To All the Pregnant Women Out There, Trust Your Body and Do What You Think Is Right!

To all the pregnant women out there, I want to share my birth story with all of you. So here it goes – I went for my regular check-up to the hospital four days before my due date. The doctor asked me to get admitted to the hospital so that they can induce labour pain.

My amniotic fluid level was quite high, and hence the head was not in the engaged position. I went into the labour ward at around 9.45 pm, and they took NST until 11.15 pm. Since the expected NST trace was not seen, they asked me to walk for some time. I took a walk with my husband and listened to music. Around 1 am while I was under observation, I felt my water breaking. Within 10 minutes, I started having contractions which lasted for 40 seconds with 3 minutes interval. So eventually, labour pain started naturally.

I lost a lot of fluid and the pain intensified. I was not allowed to walk or exercise since they had given me IV, so I kept talking to nurses over there to distract myself. The entire team was so supportive. I threw up twice, and as I couldn’t be in a sitting position, I was asked to only rest on my back. I experienced severe cramps due to vomiting. NST trace was satisfiable to the doctors team only in the morning around 8 am. They did an internal check-up and informed me that I was four cms dilated and 50% effaced. My husband and my mother supported me while I was in pain. My husband kept telling it’s going to be alright and to stay strong. He even told me stories to keep me distracted.

I didn’t shout in the labour ward even though the labour pain was excruciating because, in case of normal delivery, I knew I would need my energy until the last phase of pregnancy. The doctors and the nurses in the labour ward appreciated me for not shouting and mentioned that I’m coping up well with the pain. Throughout the time I was having contractions, I kept telling myself I’m one step closer to meeting my little bundle of joy, and my body can cross this phase. The doctor came in around 9.30 am and did an internal check-up. He informed my family members that although I was progressing well and could deliver my baby within the next 4-5 hours, the baby’s head wasn’t engaged yet and there may be risks towards the last phase of labour for the baby. It was almost 8 hours since my water broke and we had to take a call – either to wait for normal delivery or to opt for a C-section. We wanted the well being of our little one so we decided to go for a C-section.

Between shifting me from labour ward to the OT, I had contractions which lasted for a minute within one-minute time gap. I had the opportunity to experience both types of deliveries. During my pregnancy, I was determined to have a normal delivery. But in life, things don’t always work the way you want.

There I was in the operation theatre in pain and after a few minutes, at 10.37 am on Feb 20, 2020, my cute little princess was born. I gave her a peck on her cheek, which is still fresh in my memory. The labour pain and the last minute decision to opt for C-section, and everything else vanished at that moment. I was happy that my little one was healthy and safe. After all, a mother only wishes for that. Now, I am proud of my scar, and I feel that I am stronger than ever. Our little one needs us as she is new to this world, we are there to guide her and take care of her today and tomorrow!

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