Living With Postpartum Depression Is Really Hard

Living With Postpartum Depression Is Really Hard

Postpartum depression in new moms is relatively common but there are a lot of people who are unaware of it. However, thanks to the internet that more and more people are getting to know that postpartum depression is a real problem that new mothers face and that they should help moms to feel better.

You may not really understand the severity of this problem unless and until you experience it. But do all new moms suffer from postpartum depression? Not really! I came to know of this term when I experienced it. My family members and I were very happy when we got to know that a new member was going to come to our family. I was anxiously waiting for the moment when I would get to hold my baby in my arms. Finally, the day came when my baby arrived into this world. Everything looked so nice, everyone was happy, and most importantly my stitches were also healing pretty fast.

After two of my delivery, my husband had to leave me at his parent’s house and go to his workplace. I was left all alone. I had to take care of myself and also my baby. My mother used to take care of me and my baby when she was there but when I went to my in-laws’ place, it was not the same. I guess they assumed that I would be able to take care of my child and myself in spite of the fact that I had a C-section. I learned to change his diapers, bathe him, etc. Although I used to bathe him, I was always scared that I would lose my grip. I merely knew anything about taking care of a newborn – my baby is my first child.

Days passed by and I was there with my baby within the four corners of the house. I was not allowed to go out with baby anywhere – neither to my maternal place nor to my husband’s place for the fear of infection, even though my baby was almost 4-months-old. I was just caged inside the house. It was the worst feeling of my life. I felt suffocated, pathetic, and lonely at that point. I wanted my husband so badly at that time. I needed someone who could comfort me and love me unconditionally. I wanted to lay my head to someone’s shoulders and talk about the stress that comes with being a new mom, of handling the responsibilities of a new baby. The stress and all other things frustrated me and I realised that I am going into depression.

This is when I came to know about postpartum depression. It is mental stress that comes in a woman’s life when she is dealing with the new responsibility of a baby.

People hardly ever know that a woman who recently became a mother can have such a problem. In our society, people rarely even consider depression a problem. They do not feel the need to discuss it. I believe, when a woman is living with postpartum depression, she should be taken care of. She needs care, love, attention, and support from her family members. I hope after reading this, you will get an idea about postpartum depression and make people aware of this problem!

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