Challenges That Parents Experience to Get Their Preschoolers Ready for a Fancy Dress Competition

Challenges That Parents Experience to Get Their Preschoolers Ready for a Fancy Dress Competition

Hi, parents! I want to share my recent experiences with my baby. When I got to know that there was a fancy dress competition in my baby’s school the next week, my first thought was, “Oh wow nice!” But it was the first time she was taking part in a fancy dress competition.

We had one week so we went shopping. My husband and I wondered about the character we should select; I didn’t want to dress my kid up like Krishna or Radha. After a long discussion, we settled on Balarama.

The next challenge was to understand how Balarama dressed, the weapons he carried, etc. Finally, we decided to buy a yellow dress, crown and ornaments from a store. After reaching home, I made my baby try the dress on.

Here new challenge starts. My baby started crying. No, I won’t wear this.. she cried. We thought we could convince her by the coming week. Meanwhile, we had to make Balarama’s plough. My husband did that and it turned out to be beautiful.

Days passed and the day for the fancy dress competition arrived. I couldn’t sleep on the night before the competition. I was tensed and curious for the next day.

My husband dressed our baby up and applied bindi, etc etc.. She had become Balarama with a plough in her hand. We clicked pictures.

We took her to school. Teachers were so happy to see my baby dressed up as Balarama character..
They said it’s a very new character, very creative plough.

I felt happy. We left the baby in school. Celebrations were done. In the afternoon, I went to pick my baby up from school. As soon as I went to school, I heard the very good news that my baby had won 1st prize.

I felt so happy. I can’t express it in words. Happy happy and felt proud of my baby.

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