Mom in Uniform: Few Things to Remember During Maternity Leave and When Getting Back to Work

Life goes for a spin when you are a working mom with a schedule that doesn’t allow you to even think of yourself sitting and watching a little monster’s new activities daily.

And one fine day you get there; yes you become a mommy. So now all your focus and your training need to be kept aside. Or else, utilise it in creative ways with your bundle of joy.
The days pass by and you will realise the seemingly never-ending maternity leave that you got, now flashes away within no time and you have to go back to work.
A woman in uniform is good to see, but yes it’s hard to be. Especially when you are a new mommy as well.
The toughest part is not taking care of this new member of the family now. Rather it is to get back in shape, to fit in your uniform again, and yes to get back in your zeal which you kept aside as a new mommy.
A few points I would like to add here which may be of some help to you:
  1. Always try to find a good babysitter in the mid of your maternity leave (don’t wait for it to end).
  2. If you are lucky and have some help from home, then ask for it for a month prior to your joining so that baby acclimatises to the new person.
  3. Start doing 30-minute exercise daily from the fifth/sixth months itself. (don’t wait for a miracle to happen to your body without your efforts)
  4. Yes it’s hard to say bye to the baby when you join but don’t make unnecessary calls back home to check up on the baby (this may irritate babysitter/family members). Control your urge and imagine your baby must be doing fine. After all, they also care about the baby.
  5. Always keep a photo of your baby and family in your pocket, and whenever you get bogged down with work or peer race, just have a look (it will actually bring a smile to your face calm you instantly).
  6. Never hide and run away from your baby. Tell them goodbye daily and try saying to them “mumma will come back with a toy or puppy”. This way your baby will start waiting for you and will wave a goodbye when you leave.

Pack your bags mama and stay strong. Remember, don’t make your baby your weakness. Instead, make baby your strength and feel proud that you are a strong mama (serving the nation and nurturing a baby). Only the lucky ones get to do so!

All the best, show your colours and feel enriched every day.

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