How to Deal With Kids During Lockdown

How to Deal With Kids During Lockdown

Being a mother of two daughters, who are four and two, gave me a nightmare when I heard of 21 days of lockdown. And as two-three days passed, I realised that things had to be done in an organized way, otherwise it would be difficult to survive this period. I had a plan which made things easier for me. Here’s a list of things I did which made my life easier. If you have kids, you should try these too!

  1. Make a to-do list: Write down the things or the tasks you want to accomplish in a day. Like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. Once you have written down your tasks, prioritize them and segregate them as must do and things which could be optional (if time permits with the kids), also make a list of things your kids would like to do.
  2. Make a daily schedule: Have a daily routine as per what time suits you. You need not be rigid but having a routine will help you in completing your tasks to the maximum and you will find that you have time for yourself. Also, let your kids have a fixed routine for food and sleep.
  3. Plan your meals: Once you plan your meals, you can prepare for them well in advance and thus save up on a lot of time and energy, which you would do otherwise. And remember to keep your meals simple and nutritious.
  4. Educate your kids: Let your kids be aware of what’s happening in the country and the world. Tell them what problems people are facing and how they are trying to deal with such situations in a kid-friendly way. This would definitely help them in realizing their problems and find solutions for them on their own.
  5. Let your kids be independent: Give your kids activities which they could do by themselves so that you don’t have to sit with them all the time. If you have two or more kids, give the elder one the responsibility of taking care of the younger ones. This would definitely prevent sibling fights.
  6. Involve your kids: Let your kids understand their responsibility, be it small or big. You can ask them to pick up their toys and plates, clean their room, help with household chores, etc.
  7. Be happy: Do one activity a day together with your family that would keep you and your younger ones going. It may be singing, dancing, painting or cooking or whatever you like.

I hope these tips will come in handy during this tough period. Be healthy and happy, and be patient. Stay safe, I hope this period will end soon and we will definitely be out of this situation!

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