My Baby Sleeps Only When Locked Down! Sometimes a Lockdown Is Necessary

My Baby Sleeps Only When Locked Down! Sometimes a Lockdown Is Necessary

It’s 3:00 a.m., and my baby girl is still awake. With the clock ticking, she is becoming crankier. It has been four months, and I am still trying to understand if she is hungry, feels hot/cold or needs to sleep. Therefore, I try the elimination method to figure out what she needs. She must not be hungry as she has been fed, must not be feeling cold or hot as the room temperature is appropriate, and I see nothing that’s keeping her awake. By now, I am sure she needs to sleep very badly, but she doesn’t realise it.

So, I try to wrap her arms to lock her down; else she will keep biting her hands and become more restless. She, with full force, tries to open the chain I made with my arms multiple times as she has so much to do and so much to explore. Her expression tells me that she feels forced. This time I try to sound more firm and hold her more tightly. And then, gradually she falls asleep.

I can see peace and relaxation on her face. I can feel her breathing becoming synchronised and follow a rhythm now. It’s pure bliss to see your child sleeping and relaxing. This moment is like a victory for me. This ‘lockdown’ is good for everyone. She can get some rest now, her father can sleep well to work from home tomorrow, and I can also rest and prepare for the morning chores.

Isn’t it similar to the current situation of lockdown? We feel forced and deprived of our freedom. But, there is a major difference in these two instances; my baby is four months old, while we are adults!!

Hence, there is no excuse for all of us to be cranky and cribbing at the restrictions. Sometimes a lockdown is necessary.

Stay home, stay safe!

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