Babyhug 3 in 1 Comfy High Chair for Babies Review

Babyhug 3 in 1 Comfy High Chair for Babies Review

Hi! This is Uma Ram, a housewife and a mother of a 2.2-year-old boy.
Raising a toddler is a challenging task for every parent. It is possible for a toddler to get messy within a fraction of second. They don’t stand at one place, are always roaming, hopping, running, and what not!
Although these naughty and messy things are cherished moments for every parent, we can’t help but feel insecure about our baby falling as we can’t control their hyper-activeness or can’t sit with them to guard them against risks. Yes, it’s a mixed emotion of happiness while they play and at the same time, fear.
Like every parent, I want to engage my boy in everything, whether it’s a toy, indoor puzzles, or baby gear.
Toddlers enjoy riding so I thought of a baby gear which he can manually ride which distract him from jumping off the bed or running all around the house.
While I was looking for baby gear for my son, I found this Babyhug 3 in 1 Comfy High Chair. It is designed as a 3 in 1 function which can be adjusted like a normal chair, high chair and can be dragged with the help of four wheels.
It has eight rods which can be fixed by connecting two rods that can be inserted into the steel ball on four sides for using it as a high chair.
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By inserting one rod each on four sides, it can be used as a normal chair. Additionally, it has four wheels which can be fixed into holes under the bottom of the chair, and it can be dragged as a manual baby gear for riding.

It has a tray that can be used for dining, playing with small toys, and studying. The dining plate is removable and can be assembled back after washing.
It has a footrest under the base of the seat for placing the feet and backrest for support with cushion seat with a belt system. We fasten the belt for our baby while using it as a high chair and when I’m cooking, or in the kitchen, I keep him on the chair with the fastened belt near me so that he can’t get down from the chair. The Babyhug 3 in 1 Comfy High Chair is safe for toddlers and is designed with sophistication and good quality.
It comes with a user manual on how to fix it.
This chair is so amazing that my son is habituated to eat on his own on dining tray and uses for playing. He watches television, plays with toys when it’s used as a normal chair and while using as a high chair, we simply tighten the seat belts so that it can be moved easily. Whenever I’m busy with household chores, I make him play in this chair under my supervision.
And moreover, it can be used as a study table in the future years.
I’m happy with the Babyhug 3 in 1 Comfy High Chair as it is helpful for toddlers.
If you are looking for baby gear or a study table, I would recommend you to purchase this high chair as it’s a safe and worthy product. It can be used as a chair indoors and as a riding one in the balcony or corridors.
The dining tray can be used for dining and also suitable for kids to study, colouring, making play dough, storytelling and for parents to teach kids by placing a book on the tray.
All in all, I’m giving this Comfy high chair a 5-star rating!

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