Importance of “Me Time” for Mothers to Rejuvenate

We mommies tend to forget about ourselves while catering to family needs in our busy lives. Our days pass worrying about cooking, cleaning, kids’ school assignments, lunch boxes, etc. If a woman is a working mom, the scenario may be slightly different but equally stressful. This monotonous routine often takes a toll on our physical and mental health and makes us impatient and non-responsive to the little happy things in life. We tend to respond too quickly, rather arrogantly, to even the little silly questions of our little ones. The small discussion with the spouse turns out to be a heated argument within no time. We start to feel we aren’t the same, which we used to be earlier. We start craving some space for ourselves. We become a person who is never amused by anything and acts as per the clock, thinking about the next chore while doing one. Our relationship with the better-half ruins, we start to overreact to our kids’ behavior, and the list goes on.

It’s really important to take out some time for us, sit back, and relax with a cup of coffee, or take out that old painting supplies which used to give so much happiness but are now shut in the drawer. It is important to talk our heart out to an old friend whom we haven’t spoken to for ages or take a break and go on a short trip with family, friends, or solo. Be a kid again and join your kid squad in their activities. You can also implement a small exercise routine to keep your body and mind fresh.

So all mommies out there, don’t hesitate to sit back, relax, have your space, and fulfill your heart’s desires because, in the end, a content mind and not a perfect one is what matters. 

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