Green Colour Stool in Infant: My Experience with It

Green Colour Stool in Infant: My Experience with It

This is my experience with my little girl. She wasn’t given anything other than breast milk. When she was just 25 days old, her stool started having a tinge of greenish colour, which I could notice. Usually her stool colour was mustard, with seedy texture. Within 5 days, her entire stool was green in colour, and the texture was the same – seedy. We consulted our paediatrician. The doctor said that as the baby is only on breast milk, there is nothing to worry about, as she is also active, and everything else was normal with her.

The doctor suggested that we do some tests if her stool starts smelling, or her quantity of motions is more than 50 ml/day. Within 2 days, she started passing more motions, more than 100 ml/day. The texture also changed to a paste-like consistency. We got her stool tested for reducing sugar and  microscopy. The result was: reducing substance – nil, microscopic – pus cells 20-25/hpf.

The presence of the pus cells in the stool confirmed a bacterial infection in the baby. The doctor prescribed the antibiotics to take 2 times a day for 5 days. During this period, she was having watery stools and vomiting. We continued to give her the medicines. After the completion of the 5-day antibiotics course, her stool was still of pasty texture, with green colour. However, 3 days later, the stool started getting back its seedy texture, but the green colour remained. The quantity of motions was reduced to 50 ml, and later the baby’s stool returned to its normal colour and texture. It was a great relief, but within this period, the baby had lost weight.

This is my experience with green coloured stool in an infant. I am writing this because when I was facing this situation, I did a lot of research, and saw so many moms going through the same phase who didn’t know what to do. I hope this might help a little!

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