Top 130 Tibetan Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

130 Tibetan Names for Boys and Girls

Tibet is famous for its high altitudes and rich heritage. While the region is surreal, the people that live there are unique too. Their warm and welcoming attitudes and creativity surpass many people. You will be surprised to know that Tibetans do not have last/family names. In fact, they only have given names which have ritualistic and mystical hues that make them unique. Hence, the children carry only the names you give them, not their ancestral identity. Here’s a list of Tibetan names with their meanings for those who are searching for perfect ones for their babies.

60 Tibetan Boy Names With Meanings

Many of these Tibetan baby boy names, which represent the rich Tibetan culture, have influences from Sanskrit, Arabic, and Persian languages. Here are some of the top unique Tibetan boy names:

1. Aden

Aden is commonly used in eastern Tibet as a pet name, and it means a good looking or handsome boy.

2. Akar

The name has Hindu and Sanskrit origins. It signifies shape, form, or a flowing stream.

3. Ananda

Ananda is a Sanskrit boy’s name meaning the one loved by everyone.

4. Ceba

Ceba means something dear to hold. The name has a Tibetan origin.

5. Champo

The name Champo means friendly or amiable.

6. Chodak

Chodak is an ultimate boy’s name that should make your wishlist. This Tibetan name refers to spreader of Dharma.

7. Chodrak

The name Chodrak has a pure Tibetan origin. It means Dharma sower. Dharma is the foundation stone of Buddhism, and it symbolises the right way of living.

8. Chophel

The name Chophel means something that is flourished on Dharma.

9. Dache

Dache has an eastern Tibetan origin. It primarily means a powerful arrow and symbolises aim and strength.

10. Daivika

Daivika means the one who is related to the Gods.

11. Dampa

Dampa has Tibetan and Arabic origins. It means sacred or genuine.

12. Dawa

Dawa means moon or someone who is born on Monday.

13. Dedan

The word Dedan has Tibetan and African origins. It means friendship, happiness, or judge.

14. Dechen

Dechen means health and happiness or ultimate bliss. It has roots in India and Tibet.

15. Dhargey

Dhargey originates from Tibet, and it means progress.

16. Dorje

The word has Hindu, Indian, and Tibetan origins. It signifies something unbreakable or indomitable.

17. Dorjee

The name means a shining light or a thunderbolt. It has Indian and Tibetan origins.

18. Dote

Dote is a cute Tibetan name of Buddhist origin which means thunderbolt.

19. Dujom

Dujom means the destroyer of demons. This word has its roots in Tibet and in the Sanskrit language.

20. Gaden

This is a famous baby boy name in the Tibetan community. It means the place that brings happiness and joy.

21. Garab

Garab is another common Tibetan baby name that means adorable, lovely, and cute.

22. Gyalwa

Glyalwa, in the literal sense, means victor. It has Russian and Tibetan origins.

23. Gyaltso

The name Gyaltso has spiritual roots. It means someone who has an ocean full of enlightened qualities.

24. Gyalzen

Gyalzen is a popular name among Tibetan and Sherpa people. The meaning of the name is mountain of the spirit or victory.

25. Jampa

Jampa, in the literal sense, means someone who is caring and loving.

26. Jangbu

It’s a beautiful name of Tibetan origin. It means wise.

27. Jetsan

If you are looking for a rich boy’s name, then Jetsan would be a perfect pick. The name means king in the Tibetan language.

28. Jigme

This Tibetan name means fearless.

29. Jinpa

This name means someone full of generosity.

30. Kipu

Kipu is a lovely Tibetan baby boy’s name; it means happy.

31. Karma

Karma is a unisexual name; it symbolises someone who is a hard worker. It is based on the belief that one’s actions determine their future.

32. Kalden

Kalden has Tibetan and French origins and signifies someone who is of the golden age or arc.

33. Kamala

Kamala is born of the lotus and has deep roots in mythology; It is often associated with Lord Brahma.

34. Kalsang

It is a beautiful Tibetan name; it signifies good fortune.

35. Lhundup

A common name from the eastern range of Lhundup, it means something miraculous.

36. Lobsang

The name has Tibetan and Australian roots. It means someone who is kind-hearted.

37. Michewa

Michewa means the one who has been sent from heaven.

38. Mida

Mida is a wonderful-sounding Tibetan name meaning pistol.

39. Nima

The name means renowned, blessing, sun, or fair.

40. Norbu

Norbu is a beautiful baby boy’s name. It means a precious gem.

41. Nawang

The name means someone who is possessive.

42. Ngodup

Ngodup is a beautiful name that symbolises a great achiever.

43. Pabu

Pabu means puffball and has its origin in the Tibetan language.

44. Palden

Palden is a unique name, and it means spontaneously accomplished.

45. Phuntsok

This unique Tibetan name means someone of excellent calibre.

46. Rabga

Rabga is a Tibetan name which means adorable. This name is also born by a popular Tibetan reformer.

47. Rabten

Rabten is a lovely Tibetan name that means someone faithful.

48. Rinzen

Rinzen has its roots in Tibetan and Buddhist culture. It means someone who is a genius.

49. Samdhup

Samdhup means fulfilment.

50. Sangye

This is a beautiful, historical name that is taken after Buddha. In the Tibetan language, it refers to virtue or purity.

51. Tashi

Tashi is a beautiful baby boy name that means auspicious or signifies prosperity.

52. Tenzing

A name of Tibetan origin, this name means the protector of Dharma.

53. Tobden

Tobden is a good choice for parents who want their little ones to succeed in life. This Tibetan name means one of unmatched power.

54. Torma

Torma means magic stone or statue.

55. Tsewang

Tsewang refers to an empowered life and has an eastern Tibetan origin.

56. Wangchuk

As beautiful as it sounds, it means powerful and mighty.

57. Wagdak

Wangdak is a popular Tibetan baby boy name meaning protector. If you are looking for a powerful or authoritative name, then this is it.

58. Yeshe

Yeshe is a lovely name that means a wise one.

59. Yonten

Yonten, in the literal sense, means knowledge and awareness.

60. Zerdan

Zerdan, a beautiful name, means darkness.

70 Tibetan Girl Names With Meanings

Allow us to introduce you to a few beautiful and serene Tibetan female names that represent the land of Tibetan history. Here is a list of the top 60 Tibetan baby girl names that can strike a chord in your heart.

1. Amala

This beautiful baby girl name means the pure one, spotless, hope, or goddess Laxmi.

2. Amrita

A name with Sanskrit and Tibetan origins, it means full of nectar, divine, holy water, or endless.

3. Bhasundara

This name means the goddess of prosperity and holiness.

4. Boshay

Boshay is a unique name; it means amber.

5. Cepla

The name means apricot.

6. Chesa

The name Chesa symbolises greatness and has its roots in Tibetan history.

7. Chime

The name means everlasting and immortal.

8. Choden

Choden is a traditional name of Sherpa and Tibetan origin. The beautiful name means one who is spiritual or devout to God.

9. Chodren

Chodren is a pleasant-sounding girl name of Tibetan origin. It stands for lamb of the Dharma.

10. Choejor

A lovely Tibetan baby girl name, this name means spiritual wealth.

11. Chomden

It means someone who overcomes the negative.

12. Cimba

This beautiful girl’s name of Tibetan origin means small.

13. Dalha

It is a combination of Tibetan words ‘Dawa,’ meaning ‘moon’ and ‘Lhamo,’ meaning ‘Goddess.’ It means ‘moon Goddess’.

14. Dichen

Dichen is known to be a lucky Tibetan or Sherpa girl name. It stands for great delight or great pleasure.

15. Diki

Diki is a cute Tibetan baby girl name that means healthy and wealthy.

16. Dohna

The name has a beautiful origin from the Indian and Tibetan cultures. It symbolises a female deity.

17. Dolma

The name Dolma means motherhood.

18. Dolkar

As beautiful as it sounds, the name comes from Indian, Tibetan and Buddhist cultures. It is the name of a Buddhist goddess.

19. Dronma

Dronma is a unique Tibetan baby girl name that means a source of light or lantern.

20. Dorjne-Nalijorma

This is a unique baby girl name with Tibetan origins. It refers to the chief tutelary goddess of Yoga.

21. Ekadzati

A beautiful name after the goddess of wisdom and mystic cults.

22. Ema

Ema is a common baby girl name in Tibet. It means an exclamation of joy.

23. Gandhara

In Tibetan, this name denotes the name of an ancient Buddhist kingdom.

24. Garma

Garma is the Goddess of dance. It is a popular name in Tibet.

25. Gawa

It is a beautiful baby girl name with a mix of Arabic and Tibetan origins. It means a feeling of eternal joy.

26. Gewa

A lovely name of a Tibetan baby girl; it means virtue or positive karma.

27. Gokarmo

A gorgeous name from the eastern range of Tibet, it refers to a form of the Mother Goddess.

28. Gu-Lang

The name comes from Tibetan history. It refers to the protectiveness of mothers and children.

29. Hariti

Hariti is a name originating from a variety of cultures such as Telugu, Indian, Sanskrit, Kannada, and Tibetan. It’s the name of a goddess and also means protectress of children.

30. Jalus

It is a gorgeous baby girl name with a Tibetan origin. It means a rainbow.

31. Jamyang

Jamyang originates from the civilisation of Tibet, and it means a girl with a gentle, soothing voice.

32. Jaya

Jaya means ‘triumph’ or ‘victory’ and originates in Sanskrit.

33. Jungney

Jungney has a beautiful origin in the history of Tibet. It means someone who is a source.

34. Indira

Indira is a beautiful girl’s name of Sanskrit origin. This name refers to the goddess Lakshmi.

35. Jangmu

Jangmu is a quintessential name which would look absolutely pretty on your little princess. The name is actually the feminine version of the name Jangbu.

36. Karlha

This common name for a Tibetan baby girl means Star Goddess. It’s a combination of Tibetan words Karma and Lhamo.

37. Kasa

Having origins from various cultures, such as Indian, Tamil, and Tibetan, Kasa is a beautiful baby girl name which means someone dressed in furs.

38. Ketu

Ketu means the one with beautiful hair.

39. Khadroma

In Tibet, this name signifies the beginning of something divine or sacred.

40. Khon-Ma

It is a vibrant baby girl name which means the mother of fiends.

41. Kunsang

Kunsang is a lovely name given to pretty, good looking baby girls. It is a common name in Tibet and Nepal.

42. Lasya

This name means someone who is graceful, Goddess of beauty, or happy.

43. Leki

This short and chic girl’s name of Tibetan origin means proud.

44. Lhamo

Lhamo is the name of a goddess. It has pure Tibet origins.

45. Lha-mo

This name means a fierce and brave buddha protectress.

46. Lhatso

Lhatso is a pretty common girl name among Tibetans. It refers to the heavenly lake.

47. Lolha

Lolha means the Goddess of the right mind.

48. Lumo

This name is given to a female Naga, a mythical being with serpent-like features. Nagas are believed to live under the seas.

49. Maya

Maya is named after Buddha’s mother. It has its roots in Indian and Tibetan literature. It means magic and illusion.

50. Mchogmdzes

It is a powerful Tibetan name for girls. It means supreme beauty.

51. Metog

Metog means a blooming flower.

52. Nele

It is a beautiful baby girl name of Tibetan origin, and it means a hawk.

53. Ngawang

Ngawang means someone with a powerful speech.

54. Ninguerre

It is a unique name with Tibetan origins. It is the name of one of the three creators goddesses.

55. Opame

Opame is a beautiful name that means a source of infinite light.

56. Passang

Passang is a wonderful girl’s name, meaning born on Friday.

57. Pema

The name has its roots in Indian and Tibetan literature. It means a lotus.

58. Popo

Popo is a beautiful baby girl name which means someone lovely, quiet, and a sweetheart.

59. Ritveja

Ritveja, a Tibetan girl’s name, refers to a monk.

60. Samaya

It is a lovely name from the borders of eastern Tibet. In Tibetan, it means a sacred promise.

61. Sangmu

In the Tibetan and Sherpa languages, it means the kind-hearted one. Those with this name are believed to be the ones who heal the world around them with compassion.

62. Sumati

Sumati stands for wise mind or positive thoughts and has its origins in Tibetan and Sanskrit.

63. Tara

Tara is the Goddess of meditation worshipped by the Tibetans and regarded as the female Buddha.

64. Tibetan

Well, Tibetan is a unique and wonderful-sounding name for a girl.

65. Ui-Tango

A gorgeous name for a Tibetan baby girl, it has its origins in Tibet and Nepal. It is the name of one of the three creator goddesses.

66. Yangchen

It means the sacred girl and can be a perfect pick for parents looking for a sacred name.

67. Yara

Yara is derived from Yara Lhatse, a mountain peak in eastern Tibet.

68. Yutso

Yutso is a gorgeous and unique baby girl name in Tibet. It means turquoise lake.

69. Zaya

In the Tibetan language, Zaya means thriving or flourishing. It also has an American origin and means the woman who always wins.

70. Zaypo

Zaypo enjoys Mongol and Tibetan roots and means a beautiful woman.

71. Zopa

This is a beautiful Tibetan name for a baby girl; it means patience.

Tibetan names, most of which have their roots in their rich culture, are often preferred for their meanings. Their influence is growing into the western world, beyond the borders, via Tibetan literature. We hope you find a beautiful name from this list of popular Tibetan names for your baby girl or boy!

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