The Roller Coaster Journey of a Mom

So, I just finished with the kitchen chores for the day and everyone at home is done with dinner, so my mind is at peace. Heard a lot about this new web series breaking the net and so I thought, why not watch an episode or two and relax!
Finally, l can rest! Motherhood is like a 24/7 work routine where every nerve of your brain is put to test without rest. You feel tired or depressed or exhausted, but that smile on your face cannot afford to fade. Because that’s how it is. Kids or rather, family, are so used to see you relentlessly smiling that even a slight unease in your mood becomes intolerable to them.
No peace, no me time, constant chatter and mess all over. The only responsibility and focus is the growth of your child. His wellness and efficient upbringing take the centre-stage with little realisation that you too had a life of your own, which is just lost somewhere.
Life takes a 360-degree turn after becoming a  mom. The once upon a time carefree girl talking to pals till midnight now struggles to find the time to wish her brother a happy birthday. The girl who used to royally sleep till 11 am at her maika is now awake at 5:30 a.m to prepare tiffin and drop her kid to school. So many protocols have come into the picture which never ever existed in the farthest of dreams. 
Bringing up a child is not easy. There is a lot that needs to be put in to give your child the nourishment and love that you want. You need to follow a lot of parameters; scolding, loving, teaching him to be disciplined, inculcating morals and principles, teaching him to respect all, etc. 
Doesn’t it sound horrifying? I know it sounds terrifying, but let me tell you that all mothers carry out this task with ease, not to forget with a smile. For them, their child is most important of all. A mother is the epitome of sacrifice. She has her priorities well set and she never refrains to go the extra mile for her child. She becomes a friend of her child, she monitors like a supervisor, controls like a remote control car but when she loves, she crosses all constraints and borders. That’s the love of a mother. Absolutely pure and selfless.
It is important to show different facets at different times and situations, as it demands. Someone has said it right that all trump cards can’t be opened at once! Kudos to all the mothers out there! Keep rocking the way you are doing. Be proud of yourselves because there is nobody like you, mom!

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