Home Makers and Dignity! Let the Women Live Their Own Way!

Home Makers and Dignity! Let the Women Live Their Own Way!

“She doesn’t do anything. She’s a housewife.” This sentenced coerced my heart just like a knife tears away a fabric to bits and threads. I do nothing? I take care of the kids, help keep my house clean, I assure the kitchen is well-stocked and all the taps work. I take care of the plants, I arrange the closets. The bed linen is crisp and clean at all times. The curtains smell nice and the cobwebs are dusted regularly. The salaries are paid and the children score well. I look good for all social gatherings and respect elders. The guests are welcome anytime and the food cooked is non-fatty. These are just a few things I do. The list goes on. I am a homemaker and I deserve dignity. You can’t trivialize my identity.

So what if the man of the house pays the bills? The woman deserves it all. She deserves the good clothes, pampering, and luxury. It keeps her spirits high and she feels in control. Apart from talking monetarily, the emotional inputs of her love, care, agility, and compassion is priceless. A very important meme I recently read somewhere, and it really made me smile was – “Son to mother: Where is my mathematics book? Where is my sports tee? Where is my watch? Where is the remote? Son to father: Where is my mom?”

It is just one example how dependable women are. There can be stories from our daily lives, which revolve around mothers and wives. The stories aren’t complete without their mention. Sometimes, we take our women for granted because their selflessness is often mistaken for an obligation. Women are not obliged to do chores. A home is made with participation of all family members. Since, she single handedly manages the entire home she is called a homemaker.

It’ s important to treat a homemaker with utmost respect as her job cannot be valued for any amount of salary in the world. She deserves to have her own dignified space, where she is free to live her life while still excelling at home!

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