Best Gadgets For Pregnancy

6 Cool Pregnancy Gadgets for Expectant Moms

Expectant moms are almost always rocked with anxiety as they wait for the most defining moment of their lives to unfold. A little help along the way is always welcome. Thanks to the invention of hi-tech gadgets for pregnant women, those nine months can be less stressful and more interesting.

Our mothers didn’t have it easy, but thanks to the overload of technology, pregnant women can now track every tiny course of their nine-month-long journey. Here’s a look at some of the best pregnancy gadgets you’ll be glad exists.

6 New-Age Pregnancy Gadgets for Moms-to-Be

1. Prenatal tracking device

You don’t have to depend on those monthly visits to the Doctor’s chamber to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. This handheld device allows you to listen to that tiny heartbeat anytime you want. Let your family feel the excitement too as this device even records the baby’s heartbeat, so you can send it to your near and dear ones.

2. Pregnancy headphones

You and your unborn child can both listen to music together with these belly phones that are designed to play music to your womb. They come with adhesive rings so you can plug them onto your growing tummy and ‘shake it baby’. You can even record the voices of loved ones and play it back for the baby.

3. Baby kick monitor

Knowing your baby is alive and kicking is soothing for any mother-to-be. This prenatal gadget helps you keep a track of your baby’s kicking habits. It is especially handy when nearing the end of pregnancy as it can also be used to time contractions, so you know when you’re inching closer to the big day. ||

4. Nausea relieving Bio Bands

Suffering from morning sickness? This Bio Band relieves you of nausea through acupressure. It’s just a tiny bead on the band, which presses down onto your wrist and magically drives nausea away. You’ll be wondering where that morning sickness disappeared to. The best part – you don’t have to worry about any side effect as the band is free of chemicals.

5. Growing baby pregnancy watch

This fashionable watch cum pregnancy device tells you how many weeks you’re into your pregnancy. If you’re still deliberating on a name for your precious one, this watch can help you with that too. It comes with a list of baby names in case you missed out on any. What a friend in need, we think!

6. Digi Time Capsule baby book

How we all want to capture those priceless baby moments and record them in a baby book, right? This Digi Time Capsule doubles as a keepsake necklace and digital baby book, which documents your child’s life up to the age of five. It comes in the shape of a heart pendant that opens up to reveal a USB port. Plug it into your computer and document your memories through online journals, photos and videos. You can keep those memories close to your heart by wearing it around your neck.

Even if you aren’t expecting, these attractive gadgets for pregnancy might get you working on conceiving sooner than you expected. They are built for convenience and comfort and to take care of you and your baby right from the time of gestation to the final hours.

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