My Child’s FIrst Painting!! My Thoughts On the Beautiful Stretch Marks That Adorn My Belly!!

Radha was standing in front of the mirror, pulling up her t-shirt, looking at the stretch marks she had got post pregnancy 5 years back. These marks stopped her from wearing some beautiful pieces of clothing that she used to confidently put on before she became a mother. While she was frowning, she noticed her 4 year old daughter, Misha applying her baby cream on her stretch marks,( assuming that the cream would make the marks disappear) and said,” Mumma, I know you don’t like these marks and also that you got them because of me, I heard you talking about them to Masi. I have applied the cream and you just see in a couple of days the marks will be gone, just like my dry skin.”

Radha was at a loss of words at this sweet gesture of her daughter. She was dumbfounded to know that a child merely 4 years old could make out that her mother didn’t like the stretch marks and also she had started regarding herself responsible for it even without having been told so. Radha couldn’t take the fact that Misha would feel the guilt for something she had not done. Also she was overwhelmed by the expression of love from her daughter and the care she had shown for her mother. Radha immediately took Misha in her lap and kissed her hard. She then said to her in an explanatory tone,” Baby, the marks are not because of you, and I don’t hate them. My skin was also as flawless and spotless as yours so Mumma feels sad sometimes. But it will all be ok as you have applied your special cream na?”

Misha went back to play, while Radha sat still infront of the mirror and she was drawn back into the memories of the time she had been undergoing treatment to conceive. She had been struggling infertility for 5 long years and how badly she wanted to embrace motherhood. She remembered the number of pills she had popped, the number of injections she had borne, the number of rounds to the doctor’s clinic, everything was clear in her memory. Tears welled her eyes when she recollected the moment she came to know about her pregnancy. It was still fresh and as pleasant as it had been. She was brought back to the present with Shyam entering the room.
“Why are you crying? ” enquired Shyam.
“Nothing” and Radha narrated the entire incident to him.
“Why are you obsessed with removing these marks? I love you even more with them on your belly. ” said Shyam reassuring her of his love.
“I know, and I love these marks too. They are my child’s first drawing and I can’t trade that happiness for anything in this world.” she replied she and Shyam took Misha in a bear hug.

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