Two Pink Lines - Life There On

Two Pink Lines – Life There On

You have just seen it. Those two lines. Rubbing your eyes in disbelief? There are TWO pink lines! Believe your eyes. They didn’t lie, at least this time. Now you got hold of the culprit behind your sickness. Delight, drama, calls, chats, sweets, laughter, advice, and love are all in the air. But then you have to get back to reality, amidst all the fantasy and drama that unfolds.

Morning sickness, catching up with work, delivering your day-to-day duties should go on. But, you will experience the following too –

  1. Tired of Tiredness

The morning alarm is your first thing to put you off. No matter how much you try, your eyelids are madly in love with your eyes, and they refuse to part ways. You desire to doze a little more, even if it’s for a few more minutes. You yearn for some more time in bed as if your eyelashes haven’t kissed each other all night. But your previous day’s lag flashes on your mind’s screen and wakes you up. If you are experiencing it, You are not alone.

Getting out of bed is not an easy task on any given day, for many. Tiredness, coupled with morning sickness, do keep you in bed. Yet, you have “promises to keep”. Isn’t it a good idea to take short naps in the day? At least short breaks with eyelids closed. That’s really rejuvenating. Try it. Take your spouse’s support. There’s no choice during this time, especially when both the couples have a career and they live away from the family. Rest well on weekends and energize  your body to face the weeklong work piling just for you. Outsource chores, if it agrees with your monthly finances. Yet, its COVID season, take precautions. How about going for a live-in help?

2. Morning Sickness

Yes, great things don’t come easy. Pregnancy comes with nausea, dizziness, food cravings (crazy craving), etc.

Although there’s no known cause for morning sickness, it can be handled appropriately if you revise your eating habits. Don’t get carried away by the term “morning”. Some experience  it through the day, and worse; some have gone through it all through the three trimesters. Choosing the platter that suits your belly brings in a soothing feeling. A healthy snack and adequate fluid intake every now and then make a big difference.

The fresh air also refreshes your mood. Likewise, fresh fruit extract, as advised by the physician, gives relief from the bitter feeling.

In addition to following the above-mentioned lifestyle and diet changes, you can use the nausea bands that exert pressure and stimulates the P6 or Nei-Kuan acupressure points. It has been proven that pressure on this point relieves nausea and vomiting.

3. Constipation Cure & Reflux Actions

Already feeling heavy? It’s not the baby, babes. Gastric reflux and constipation play the spoilt sport. Fibre-rich food and drinking enough water do help in curing constipation.

Hormonal changes pave the way to acid reflux and heartburns. Eating small portions of a balanced, healthy diet keeps acid reflux at bay. Also, avoid fatty foods or have them sparingly if you crave for it.

4. Be Aware of Bleeding 

Despite the fact that a little bleeding or spotting is not unusual in the first trimester, do not ignore it. Consult your physician for clarification.

5. Crampy Cramps

It’s very usual to have cramps, generally in the calf muscles. Do watch for pain in other parts of the body. Don’t delay the doctor’s appointment or have a chat with your gynaecologist. Take no chances.

6. Pica

The abnormal craving for eating non-edible substances like chalk, ashes, or bones, could be a sign of nutritional deficiency, particularly iron deficiency in expecting mothers. Discuss the same with your doc.

7. Frequent Urge to Urinate

The fetus is a really, really tiny bundle of joy, yet the womb that holds it grows along with the fetus; hence, the need to use the washroom again and again. However, drink a lot of fluids. If nature calls, answer it, do not hold.

8. Roller Coaster of Emotions

Pregnancy hormones drive you crazy, cranky, finicky, miserable, elated, etc. Find a companion to hear you out, without judging and who can empathize with you.

Well aware of the gushing emotional extremes that an expecting mom goes through, pregnancy apps offer space for pouring out your thoughts in your Pregnancy Journal. Spill your feelings, and create a canvas of your emotions that’s going to stay for future read.

Motherhood comes with a string of issues and ruffles your routine, disintegrating your schedule. No worries, reschedule. Life during pregnancy is unique for each woman and different for every pregnancy. This blog talks about the most common issues faced by pregnant women across sections.

Hope it is of some use to you.

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