How to Make Your Bond With Your Partner Stronger During Pregnancy

How to Make Your Bond With Your Partner Stronger During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of your life. You become the centre of attention as everyone takes extra care of you and makes you feel special in every way possible. This is the time you and spouse can come closer to share each and every moment of this beautiful journey. Here are some suggestions to strengthen your bond and make some beautiful memories together.

  1. Take a Walk: Walking is an exercise that is recommended throughout your pregnancy. Go for morning and evening walks with your partner to steal some alone time and get fresh air as well.
  1. Cook Together: You might usually be on kitchen duty, but now that you are pregnant, your husband can take over a few meals or even help you out. He can chop onions, set the table or experiment a bit in your kitchen. To start with, you can cook together over the weekends and you might even get breakfast in bed towards the end of your pregnancy.
  1. Share the Load: He can lend you a hand in daily chores. Dusting or putting the clothes in the washing machine might be trivial things, but it will take a chore off your hand and you will have one less thing to think about. If you are not used to sharing these chores, it will take some time but trust me, it helps in the long run, even post-pregnancy.
  1. Go for Prenatal Visits Together: Plan your doctor’s visits on days that both of you are free and can go together. Seeing the baby on the screen is a beautiful experience that can be shared by the two of you. Discussing the dos and don’ts together with the doctor also helps you both to be on the same page.
  1. Binge-Watch a Series Together: As you will be spending most of your weekends at home, what better plan than to binge-watch a series. Select pregnancy or parenting shows as well.
  1. Talk to the Baby: At around 23 weeks, the baby begins to hear outside sounds. Take turns read out loud to the baby You can even sing a lullaby or talk to the baby together.
  1. Communicate: Both of you will be going through multiple emotions during this time. It is important to talk to each other to express your feelings and lean on each other for emotional support. Set realistic expectations for your family once you have the baby.

This is the time you should enjoy as husband and wife and enjoy your relationship together, as you won’t be alone after this. Enjoy this journey together and make lots of beautiful memories to cherish forever.

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