Kids Need Attention and Time of Parents to Grow and Bloom

Kids Need Attention and Time of Parents to Grow and Bloom

Time together is what makes people feel most loved, especially with kids. In this period of uncertain lockdown, when we working mothers are struggling between home and work, the innocent kids are also locked down within the four walls of the house with no outdoor activities. So, it is our responsibility to balance the household chores and job along with keeping the kids engaged in different activities like reading and writing, art and craft, story telling, different innovative games, and small projects.

The task is not easy to keep them busy and enthralled them with curiosity, enthusiasm and passion. I, the momma of 3 year old twins, a boy and a girl, try to follow some routine activities to keep them engaged.

*10 minutes of simple basic exercise and 5 minutes chanting of Jain Shloks.
Exercise keeps them fit, and Shloks are for meditation, and to help them know the chores of their religion.

* Story telling, which kiddos generally love, including mine.

* Drawing and painting with the colours of their choice in their books. Sometimes when I get busy in other things, I can see the rainbow of colours on the walls and tiles, too.

* Playing with kids is of utmost importance. Play and learn makes things easy for us and the kids also. Cricket, building blocks, playing with cars, memory games, and other toys can be used. Kids also love to play with kitchen utensils like bowls, plates, and spoons.

*Art and craft work where they draw, cut, paste, and get amused.

*Culinary activities where they cut, peel, make juice, bread-butter, jam-bread and other simple but different activities in kitchen with the help of their momma.

*Using smart  technology to play music and songs. I can also groove along with them to different dance numbers. A good workout with the kiddos!

*Playing board games and hiide & seek, and becoming a child again with the kiddos.

*In this digital era, mobile phones attract kids. We cannot keep them away from the charisma of phones. So, in a day, for half an hour, they watch poems, cartoons, and stories on the phone.

We have to keep in mind the digital era, and should come up with an effective way to enhance growth of your kids. The micro-moments of positivity, kind words, compassion, play, and learn activate the Seeking System, and make the child more happy and healthy.

Kids are born with sharp and smart minds. Their grabbing power is much more than we can imagine. They learn from their actions, and perceive gradually from what we speak. Kids just need full-time attention of parents. Childhood, once gone, will not come again, and we as parents are lucky to cherish each and every precious moment with our kids. So, love, live, and enjoy every moment with kids, and make them memorable for the future.

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