How to Introduce Solid Foods to Your Baby

How to Introduce Solid Foods to Your Baby

While solid foods can be introduced to your baby anytime after six months of age, there are certain pointers, one has to keep in mind while doing so.

1. The One Week Rule

Remember, your child’s digestive system is still developing. So introduce each new food every different week. If all goes well in terms of digestion, you can add the food group permanently to the child’s diet chart and try a new food the next week.

2. Start in the Early Hours

Remember to feed anything new in the morning. This will help both you and your child, as you now have the whole day in hand to adjust to any digestion issues that may crop up.

3. Follow a Routine

It isn’t very easy, but try following a routine for feeding. Mark the timings and feed them at specific times, which you can later merge with breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively, as the child grows up. Having a routine is helpful for the child as well as its parents.

4. No Salt or Sugar

Always remember, your child’s taste buds have still not developed. So don’t worry about the taste. Avoid adding any salt or sugar until one year of age. Excessive salt intake is not suitable for their kidneys.

5. Don’t Grind

Grinding changes the texture and taste of food. As a result, the kid will be unable to develop a taste for different foods, which later becomes an issue when he refuses to eat anything other than mashed food. You can lightly mash the food and sieve it to remove any extra fibre or large pieces. Also, grinding your baby’s food in the same mixer grinder that we use for preparing our daily meals, is not recommended.

6. Never Force-feed

At times, children refuse to eat the same food, that they have been eating over and over again. You can distract them with their toys while feeding them, but never force-feed. If you do so, they will develop an aversion to that particular food and will refuse to eat.

Introducing solid foods to your baby is not rocket science. By keeping the above points in mind, you can help ensure it all goes smoothly!

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