Tips for Dealing With Fever in Babies in a Safe Manner

Fever is a common sign of illness and it routinely occurs post vaccination. Most healthy babies can tolerate the fever quite well, but as parents, we should try to cure it quickly.

Here are some safe things that can be done:

1. Lukewarm Bath

Not bathing your baby when they are sick is a false notion. Lukewarm water helps to relax the baby and also helps to regulate his/her body temperature. This will also help your baby sleep better and recover faster. You should never use very hot or very cold water for bathing your baby as this may worsen the condition. If you do not want to bathe the baby, just sponge him using a washcloth.

2. Keep Your Baby in a Cool Place

“You should let your baby sweat in a warm room.” Again, a wrong idea. If it’s winter time you do not need a fan, obviously. However, in summers, your room temperature should be comfortably cool – around 26 degrees is good enough. You can set your air conditioner at this temperature and use fan on a slow speed. Do not place the baby directly under the fan. Also, use a cool mist humidifier to keep the air moist. Dry air can irritate airways.

3. Breast Milk

For babies younger than 6 months old who have fever, breast milk is very important. Breast milk helps to give vital vitamins and nutrients, hydration as well as antibodies to the baby. All these help to strengthen his/her immune system. You should try to breastfeed your baby frequently to avoid dehydration. Breast milk is quickly and easily digested by kids and it also helps them to recover faster. Formula milk is the next best option. Do not give plain water to your baby if he is less than 6 months. In older babies, water can be given. Also give fruit and veggie purees in small amounts to keep the baby hydrated, nourished and interested in food.

breast milk

4. Basil

In babies older than 6 months, Basil water may be used because of its special antipyretic properties. It can help to bring down fever in babies. You need to boil some basil leaves in two cups of water and boil it until it reaches half the original account. Now give this solution to your baby in formula milk. Do not add honey or sugar to this solution.

5. Medicine

Medicines should be taken after consulting a doctor for proper dose and feasibility. Generally, for fever arising due to common cold, doctors recommend to avoid medicine unless fever is above 100.

Hope you found the article useful.

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