7 Must-haves in a Mother's Bag While Going Out with Kids

7 Must-haves in a Mother’s Bag While Going Out with Kids

A mother’s bag – it’s not just a bag with all baby essentials folded into a bag. When you are a mother of two or three kids and go out with them, your shoulder bag turns into a backpack or a big handbag. So for any outing, 7 must-haves in Mummas’ bag are listed below:

1. Snacks

Kids are unpredictable. Just when you think your child is full, minutes later, they’ll want a snack. So to keep a snack like biscuits or chocolates is very important.

2. Wet Tissues/Wet Wipes

Tissues or wipes are very important as it helps to clean face or hands after the child has had their chocolates or snacks. Or they might get their hand dirty in sand or mud. Don’t compromise on the quality, always use good quality wipes or tissues.

3. Sanitizer

Sanitizer is another must have in a mother’s bag . A small sanitizer is very important for hygiene. You never know when your kids will get their hands dirty. You can use sanitizer before eating anything .

4. Extra Clothes

An extra pair of clothes should always be placed in bags. Sometimes, kids drop water on them. Anytime, there could be a need to change their clothes.

5. Comb

For grooming hair, a comb will be very useful. To manage your kids’ hair or make them look tidy, grooming hair with a comb is important.

6. Medicines

You never know when your kids will feel sick or like vomiting. Basic medicines are a must in a mother’s bag so that proper medication on time will make the child feel good and he can enjoy his day.

7. Plastic Bags

Plastics bags are always useful to keep dirty clothes. Sometimes, if you can’t throw waste outside, you can put it in plastic bags and keep aside.

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