How to Be Pregnant: A Happy Pregnancy Is a Healthy Pregnancy

Many say that being pregnant is no joke.

New moms-to-be perceive pregnancy as a life threatening issue, and those moms who have already experienced pregnancy and have gone through labour hesitate to get pregnant the second time. Yes, it’s true that being pregnant is stressful and tiring. But thankfully, women are designed to reproduce so somehow we survive all the stages and bring a life into the world.

If you are healthy, there should be no fear. When there’s no fear, there will be no stress. When there is no stress, there will be fewer complications in your pregnancy and childbirth. As soon as you share the good news of your pregnancy, people will start pouring in advice. You should be informed and take precautions, but don’t try to follow each and every ‘do’ and ‘don’t’. Your pregnancy is different from theirs. Being a mother of three kids, I have heard enough of all the advice. Each pregnancy for me was a totally different one.

It is best to remain positive. Nothing influences our state of health more than our attitude. Due to hormonal imbalances you will experience mood swings, but don’t let them take control of your dealings with people. Many women strain relationships while pregnant. Indulge in light and healthy activities. Keep your mind busy with good thoughts. Hang out with friends and family. Don’t be conscious of your shape and size. Nobody will criticise you for being big. Take adequate rest, but too much bed rest will worsen morning sickness and will also prolong delivery.

Remember, precaution is always a must. Before taking any medication, consult your doctor. Clarify all your doubts with your gynaecologist regarding pregnancy and delivery. By the end of your second trimester, all your baby’s items should be washed and kept ready for use ( to avoid last minute preparation, in case your baby is preterm). Eat well. Don’t panic, no matter what. If you are due soon, don’t go for short holidays or vacations without the necessary items. Always be mentally and physically prepared for delivery. Then, you will overcome all of the hassles like a pro.

All the pain and suffering becomes negligible compared to the immeasurable joy and pleasure of having a little baby by your side. Don’t worry about not knowing how to take care of the baby. Even if you have never held a child, all the motherly instincts will kick in, in time. That is how we become supermoms. Be proud to become a mom. Being pregnant is the best thing that could ever happen in the world. Enjoy your pregnancy and inspire other women to create a positive outlook towards pregnancy and childbirth.

Happy pregnancy!

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