The People Who Are My Constant Support Post Delivery

The People Who Are My Constant Support Post Delivery

For all the first time moms out there, it is important that you have people to support you post pregnancy. When you have your friends and family to support you, you know you can face any obstacle. When you have a little one to take care of, you will need people, especially during your hospital stay.

From my experience, I would suggest that you should always choose a hospital that is closer to your home. In some hospitals, the family members of a patient are allowed to stay at night – so you should always opt for such hospitals. Making a wise choice is important. The hospital I was in allowed my baby in my room, it was very important for me to have someone who would be able to wake up easily if the baby cries in the middle of the night and start crying. For me, it was either my mom or my hubby. But as it’s was the night duty, my hubby could not. I asked my mom. My mom knows how to handle and take care of babies. We are five siblings and my mom took care of us all by herself.

There are a lot of people in my life who supported me post delivery and are still helping me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them here –

My Mom

A newborn needs to be fed constantly. I had to feed my baby every few hours. After feeding the baby, you have to burp then make him sleep. And this cycle repeats and it becomes difficult for a woman to get some rest. But taking rest is very important. Whenever the baby would wake up, I would feed the baby and my mom would burp and sleep him. I am very happy that she helped me out.

My Husband

My hubby would come to the hospital in the morning and took care of the baby. He took leave for a few days from his office (and I love him for that), he would stay till after dinner and then again my mom would come and take over.

My Siblings

My sister already had a baby so she had mastered the art of diapering. When she visited me once, my baby needed a diaper change. She didn’t even flinch before taking the baby from me and changing his diaper. Your family becomes your backbone at times like this. My brothers and sisters were also there to run to the grocery stores several times.

My Friends

Friends can make you laugh even when you are on the verge of crying ( mostly for lack of sleep). My hubby was amused at how much a group of 7 childhood friends could speak. They know me inside out and we have all the fun memories of growing up together. Visiting down the memory lane is never dull with your BFFs. My friends also supported me throughout the journey of pregnancy and even after that.

I feel blessed to have so many people by my side during and after pregnancy. Let me know who were your support system.

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