What Type of Parenting Style Do You Follow and What Literature Says

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Today I would like to share with you the four types of parenting in our society. All of us usually train our kids as we were raised by our parents. We may/may not be having differences of opinion about the way we were raised by our parents and those who had differences will be trying to improvise it when it comes to the parenting roles. So in this context, I feel it’s very important as a parent to know the types of parenting styles in our society and to evaluate ourselves as what type of parent are we. Hence here is a brief description of the same…

Types of Parenting

1. Authoritative
2. Authoritarian
3. Permissive
4. Neglected

1. Authoritative: Warm, responsive, and accepting but with set expectations for behaviour and achievement.
Positives – Differences are approached with reasoning and discussions, no forcefulness.
This type of parenting does not resort to punishments as a means to teach or inculcate a behaviour, rather it’s the patient explanations of the parents and reasoning out to the kids which helps them to better understand their mistakes and rectify them. Parent-child rapport is good and increases the confidence in kids.

2. Authoritarian
: High degree of parental control with obedience expected.
Punishment >>discussions
I feel this is an outcome of the busy life schedule among the parents as we don’t have enough time to sit and explain things in the right way but want perfect behaviour from our kids. This approach instills fear of punishment rather than understanding. It causes emotional disturbances and psychological stress.

3. Permissive
: Warmth and acceptability with very few rules and expectations. Child’s autonomy valued highly.

4. Neglectful: Similar to permissive but lacks warmth and responsiveness

Often in daily life, we have mixed types of parenting. Mom and dad have a different style and studies have shown that mixed variant is better than both parents having the similar approaches.

Studies found authoritative parenting style with the most positive outcomes in most of the domains of behaviour, education, responsibility.

It’s a highly debatable topic and difference of opinion are very common in the view of parents as we all feel our ways of parenting are always the right way. (I too do the same as I feel I am the best).

Kindly opine your views and evaluate yourself as to what type of parenting style you are following.

Happy parenting to all my dear friends!

Reference: Nelsons textbook of Pediatrics

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