What Makes a True Gentleman - Qualities or Formalities?

What Makes a True Gentleman – Qualities or Formalities?

Every lady wants her soulmate, her life partner, her better half, the man of her dreams, the one with whom she spends her whole life with, her husband, to be a true gentleman. But who is a true gentleman?

Is it the man who says ladies first; who opens the car door for you and offers a chair? Someone who cooks breakfast for you; who helps you do household chores? The one who can sit on his knees for you, who never fights with you, to the one who can say “I am wrong” and “You are right”? Or is it the one who keeps his stuff organised and never messes up after you have cleaned?

My husband never does any of these things. Neither does he cook breakfast for me, nor offer a chair. He never helps me in household chores; he does not even keep his plate in the kitchen. He never says he’s wrong and that I am right. Every time he keeps his stuff here or there, he does not need a second to mess up the room throwing the things without thinking that I have organised the room with great effort.

But still, he’s a TRUE GENTLEMAN. HOW? Because he cares for me not by doing all those above formalities but by being himself with me. He does not help me in household chores but never forced me also to do so. He keeps awake at night when I am scared even though if he is scared more than me. He always says, “I am here, don’t worry”. He stays awake the whole night with me until our baby falls asleep, but never complains that his sleep was disturbed.

He makes me laugh with his sense of humour. He bears my mood swings but never gets angry on them. He cheers me up whenever I feel low. He withstands my childishness but never gets bored of it. He wanted me to accept him as he is and accepted me as I am. He does not need the so-called formalities to be a gentleman as a true gentleman should respect and accept everyone as they are and make everyone joyful around them.

That’s why I can proudly say my husband is a true gentleman!

With love,
A happy and proud wife.

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