How to Calm Yourself during Pregnancy - Some Secrets from Me

How to Calm Yourself during Pregnancy – Some Secrets from Me

I am a second time mom. Entered into my last trimester today. My first pregnancy was smooth but then some stress happened and ended up getting fever during my 9th month. So this time I am extra careful about not stressing my self our and instead loving myself to the maximum.

Here is my mantra that I am following to keep myself calm.

1. Follow Your Hobby

Yes. Pregnancy brings a huge change in your body. Along with that come mood swings. It is important that you learn how to control your mind. I love writing and I started working on my second book. This helped me control my mood swings and thus reduced a lot of stress.

2. Eat What You Love

Yes. Food cravings are a part of pregnancy and they can literally make or break you.  When I was pregnant with my first kid,  I had immense food cravings but this time even the sight of food irritates. I just eat because that is the only way I can survive.

I don’t force feed myself but eat only when I am hungry or feel like eating something. During pregnancy food is an emotion.

3. Watch One Movie a Day

Thanks to You Tube and Amazon Prime,  there is no shortage of movies that are available at your finger tips. Watching one movie per day helps me keep calm because those 2 hours I am more concerned about the plot of the movie and not overthinking about my life.  It helped me distract from the unnecessary stress and laugh.

P. s.  Select comedy movies or pathetic movies which would make you rip off your hair… That would be more fun thing to do.

4. Pamper Yourself

It is important that you pamper yourself. Nothing expensive. Just apply a basic home made pack and that will make u feel like heaven for the entire day. Massage ur feet,  hands and belly. It will be awesome. Self love is more important than anything in this world.

5. Socialise

You are not committing a crime by being pregnant. It is a natural process.  Just go out, meet your friends. Go to the park,  mall,  beach,  whichever place makes you happy. It is important to be a part of the society and not seclude urself from the society.

These are the small tips that are helping me go through my second pregnancy. The basic thing is, you need to stay happy. Bringing a new life to this world is the sole decision of you and your partner. If anyone says anything negative about it, then simply cut them off from your lives.

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