Miracle Food That You Should Have for a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when people around you pamper you a lot and take extra care in what you eat during this time. I have been fortunate to have a set of doting parents and a caring husband around me to help me stay fit and healthy during my pregnancy.
Each one of us dreams of a healthy and happy pregnancy throughout the 40 weeks time. You have to be careful with your food choices during this time, as the saying goes “You should eat for two”. While we might challenge  the reliability of this theory, but if we try to decode this, it’s not about the quantity of food we should be concerned about but the quality of food which we eat actually makes the difference.Your food choices affects the overall growth and development of the fetus.

I had a very smooth and healthy pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy child through normal delivery. I incorporated few food items on a daily basis in my diet, which helped to keep common problems of pregnancy at bay.

  • I use to start my day by drinking coconut water in empty stomach. Coconut water helped me fight the heartburn and nausea. It also kept urinary tract infections at check, which is very common during pregnancy.
  • As a mid morning  snack I had beetroot and pomegranate juice. Both helped in keeping good blood count and avoiding  anemia.
  • During my Iunch I always made it a point to have karela(bitter gourd), which helped me keeping my blood sugar levels in control. I took boiled and mashed Karela with rice. This was something I took religiously and never gave it a skip.
  • Along with bitter gourd I also took ghee which is known for building immunity and helps in solving digestive problems. As I was gaining  weight rapidly, I took ghee in moderation,  like 1 tbsp daily.
  • Saag (leafy vegetables) was one more item which i ate everyday in my lunch. Saag is a rich source of fibre and folate which helps to maintain good iron levels.
  • I always wanted a normal delivery and had learnt that dates help in contractions and creates elasticity in vagina. I ate dates in my third trimester and it really did help me during my labor.
  • Constipation is something which is very common during pregnancy. I did have an external haemorrhoids before pregnancy, but didn’t face any discomfort during pregnancy. To ensure good bowel movements I had figs daily at night. It helped in having regular bowel movements.
I enjoyed my pregnancy and alongwith healthy food I did indulge in outside food. The key is to have outside food in moderation , as you are bound to get the craving for some food or the other. Choose good restaurants,  which are hygienic and safe.
Above all stay happy. It works wonder!

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