Bathing Tips for New Mothers After Normal or Caesarean Delivery

Bathing Tips for New Mothers After Normal or Caesarean Delivery

After delivery, your body is weak with lower immunity and brutal bones, as it takes a lot of energy and sustenance to bring new life to this world. You need extra care and support to recover from the pain your body has been through. At one side you need love, support and pampering which helps your mind to accept the changes your body and mind going through. Your body needs your attention and care so that you can recover and care for your baby. I used to have this mental support from my husband’s caring words and smiling eyes, saying “Everything will be fine. I am here for you”.

Among various care tips least discussed is how a new mother should take a bath for a speedy recovery and pain-free muscles and bones. Proper bath, nutritious diet, and proper sleep are the major factors that help your body gain its strength back. We should take the bathing process as seriously as diet and sleep.

Here are some rules to keep in mind while taking a bath right after pregnancy until 40 days of delivery.

  • Always use a stool or chair to sit on while taking a bath.
  • Warm water baths help to loosen up the muscles and unfreeze joints which get contracted during delivery.
  • Never scrub your body or vigorously apply soap as we do on a regular basis, as it may cause muscle pain later.

These tips help big time in releasing the contracted muscles and stiff bones. They not only prevent body ache but also help you recover faster. Always try to drink something hot after a bath and take a short nap before feeding your baby.

Remember, you can best take care of your child only if you are healthy. In case of caesarean delivery, follow the same tips and take good care of your stitches. As per my doctor and experience, we should be cleaning stitches regularly with warm water as directed by the doctor.

This will not allow bacteria to grow and also prevent you from developing any sort of infections. Have a happy & healthy motherhood!

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